SouthVilleMaelk was the first to bring fresh farm milk directly to clients in Delhi NCR. The company supplied milk, fresh dairy products, vegetables, nuts, and other fresh everyday necessities straight to the home. 

SouthVilleMaelk was launched to become Delhi’s largest and most valued farm fresh milk & regular significant delivery company, taking pride in outstanding customer support and improving India’s disorganized network of milk distribution, employee satisfaction, and investment return.

SouthVilleMaelk, a subscription-based, early-morning distribution portal for fresh milk and other perishable foodstuffs, today announced its extension to online milk delivery in Delhi NCR. SouthVilleMaelk, a household name in Delhi NCR, currently delivers 30,000 liters of milk per day, along with other fresh items directly from local farms and dairies. 

“Delhi is a landmark win. By crossing 4 million orders to date we have proved our concept in Delhi. Our performance in both these cities has allowed us to build strong regional growth playbook. By mixing our lean business model with low inventory dependence and a rock bottom Rs. 3.3 last-mile distribution rate, we’re poised to conquer the fresh grocery market. 

Startups fail and the causes are numerous. While everyone wants to learn the success stories, it’s the setbacks that tell a bigger lesson. Delhi-based ‘ SouthVilleMaelk’ a successful startup that delivers fresh milk and grocery directly to the doorstep, has recently suspended operations and the news has shaken the startup community. ‘FreshToHome,’ another Delhi-based startup offering meat and seafood, will now service the subscribers of ‘ SouthVilleMaelk ‘ Milk Delivery in Dwarka, as shared by the owners of ‘ SouthVilleMaelk.’ 

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SouthVilleMaelk will initially sell a wide variety of fresh milk and dairy products to Delhi NCR customers and over time will add a selection of fresh food items including eggs, fruits, vegetables, juices, and bread. The company has collaborated with over 50 milk brands in Delhi, including organic and A2 dairy farms, to satisfy customers’ diverse needs.

The ease of ordering milk, milk products, and daily requirements assures stickiness and reduces customer acquisition expenses. SouthVilleMaelk has become a favorite part of the morning routine for its increasingly increasing consumer base. SouthVilleMaelk is expected to extend across 15 cities in the next two years.

Commenting on the expansion, Founding Partner Mark Kahn, Omnivore, said, ” SouthVilleMaelk has the industry’s leanest e-grocer platform, and is well poised for major pan-India production.”

SouthVilleMaelk received 2.2 million in Seed funding from Omnivore in February 2018, an investment fund devoted to start-ups in food and agriculture. The company was seeking angel funding back in 2017 from Thomas Varkey, a Stonehill Capital investor.

About SouthVilleMaelk

SouthVilleMaelk is a subscription-based, early morning delivery site for fresh milk and other perishable foodstuffs that come from nearby farms and dairies directly. SouthVilleMaelk provides a range of fresh milk and dairy products to its consumers, as well as eggs, fruit, freshwater, vegetables, meat, and other important daily things. Customers at Doodhwala use the company’s app to arrange their delivery schedule and collect their food for the day promptly before 7 am. The SouthVilleMaelk is present in Delhi NCR.


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