Shagun Sweets holds the leading name when it comes to finding the optimum quality of sweets in the famous sweet shops in Delhi. Well, Indian sweets are completely distinct from western sweets. It’s fragrant, outlandish &made in varying forms. There are more than hundreds of distinct varieties of sweets made in distinct states in India.

Most of the Indian sweets are made of milk, rice, coconut, besan or chickpea flour & semolina. It is seasoned with saffron, cardamom, rose water & so forth.

A few of these sweets are equivalentto the state or spot in India. For instance, Mysore Pakoriginally belongs to the city of Mysore. This delectable sweet is relished around the world for its unusual taste & texture.

Let usrender you a glanceat7 of the other most famous Indian sweets that are desired by people.

1. Laddoo

Made with chickpea flour, coconut, rice or semolina, this confection is ball formed. The cooked batter is made cool& then squished intotiny balls via hand.

There are so many varieties of laddoos available across the nation. Taste, colour & texture of this confectiondifferin accordance withdistinct states in the nation.

Although, Motichur laddoos are the most famousextents of laddoos. It’s shiny yellow in colour with a smooth texture.

2. Gulab Jamun

Another famous Indian sweet is gulab jamun that is builtwith khoya & sugar syrup. It is a few timesknownas Indian donuts.

The dough consists of dehydrated milk, condensed milk, ghee &seasoning agents. It is squished by hand into tiny balls &intense fried in oil. These intense fried balls are postsoaked into sugar syrup worked with cardamom.

3. Mysore Pak

It is a fabled confection from the imperial city of Mysore. Created with gram flour, sugar & ghee, this delectable&wealthyconfection is yellow in colour. It drops with pure desi ghee &preciselydissolves in your mouth.

4. Barfi

Built with condensed milk & sugar, barfi is a famous Indian sweet that belongs from North India. It is made in varyingformslike diamond, square &circle.

Alongside milk & sugar, almonds, pistachios, coconut &digestible silver are also linked to barfi.

5. Jalebi

Jalebi is one of the most famous Indian sweets that is made with a batter of chickpea flour. It is then intense fried in oil &dipped in extreme sugar syrup.

6. Pethas

It is a famous sweet that solelyhails from the city of Agra. Built with gourd &sugar, pethas are seasoned with rose water & different spices. It is transparent&often yellow in colour.

7. Rasmalai

This is one moreoutlandishanddelectable Indian sweet made with cottage cheese. These sweet dumplings are dipped intomilk syrup tied with cardamom. Rasmalai is basically from West Bengal but this dessert dish is famousacross the globe.

Indian sweets can be discovered in myriads of tastes, forms&textures. The list of these sweets’elegance in taste can never reach an end.

If you wish to relish the world-class taste of your favourite sweet, Shagun Sweets is the best spot when it comes to relishing the mouth-watering tastes. Thus, it is named as the leading among famous sweet shops in Laxmi Nagar.

Most of these sweets are the trademarks of particular states in the nation. So if you wish to relish the real & pure taste of these sweets, be ensured you’ve it from the flawless spots that they hail from!


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