Cakes have always held an exceptional spot at the Russian table, and the country’s cuisine has sweet tooths satisfied with its heavenly variety of cakes. A significant number of these cakes are thick with sweet acrid cream and loaded up with nuts and fruits. Every one of them is rich and debauched. Try these below mentioned russian cakes once and you are guaranteed to crave for more and more. The cakes mentioned below can be easily baked at home by following some great recipes available over the Internet. So, let’s get started with the list of cakes.

Moscow Cake 

An amazing addition to Russia’s cake collection, the Moskva was made in 2015, and is easily accessible in the city. Totally coated with a red icing, the cake is moist and fluffy layered with pecans and dense milk. The cake won the right to represent Russia’s capital over more than 80 other cakes, beating a chocolate and cranberry cookie cake, and a pistachio and cherry mousse cake.


This cake is also known as the anthill cake, because of its hill-like shape. Much like the chocolate salami log, this dessert can be prepared out of broken biscuits or old sponge cake. Biscuits are stirred up with a chocolate buttercream and toasted pecans and afterward designed into the slope shape. Sprinkle with shaved chocolate or poppy seeds for the ideal evening tea treat. 

Prague Cake 

This is a thick chocolatey cake, stacked with condensed milk and 7 eggs. It likewise has no association with the Czech Republic at all. Made by a professional baker from the famous Prague café in Moscow during the 1970s, the cake takes its name from the bakery. The Prague café was praised for its Soviet awesomeness. This delicious chocolate cake was one of the most desired treats that they made. 

Kiev Cake 

Baked in the Soviet Union since the mid-1950s, this cake turned into a well known treat over the USSR. It is made with up to five distinct sorts of nuts that are dispersed over the layers of cake, including hazelnuts and cashews, which were both exceptional in Soviet cooking. In spite of constant food deficiencies, the Kiev cake is characteristic of the liberal cake style of the mid-twentieth century.

Bird’s Milk Cake 

An image of Soviet austerity, Bird’s Milk Cake was made during Soviet times as a response to the cakes of the 1950s and another victory of the Prague eatery. A great deal of experimentation went into making the mousse filling as a group of professional bakers worked for a half year to get the consistency perfect by blending agar and gelatin in with condensed milk. Otherwise called Ptichye Moloko, it is a fluffy biscuit layered with mousse or marshmallows and covered with a chocolate coat. Well known all through the Soviet time, it is still the most loved dessert among Russians and the individuals who live in post-Soviet states.

Polyot Cake 

This is a lip-smacking meringue and buttercream cake that showed up in the Soviet Union during the 1950s. Its decadence, similar to the Kiev cake, is characteristic of the traditional sweets that were famous at that time. Generally the meringue is produced using ground peas; but it is now replaced with cashews or hazelnuts these days. The cake is offered on different special occasions and events.

Medovik Cake 

Russian honey cake is a delectable dessert and another layered cake, this time slathered with sweet sour cream or crème fraîche if you are looking for something lighter. The cake predates Soviet times and was made by the home baker of Tsar Alexander I. Nectar was a famous sweetener in Russian cuisine and is still added to the biscuit batter alongside condensed milk, which gives it that delectable caramel taste.

So, these were some delicious beauties that you should try at least once. Some of these cakes can be ordered from an online bakery. Avail online cake delivery and enjoy these oh-so-yummy cakes at home with your dear ones. Happy eating!


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