Lower Back Pain Causing Erectile Dysfunction

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Erectile dysfunction is a sexual weakness in men that increases with age and under certain medical conditions.

Erectile dysfunction is a sexual weakness in men that increases with age and under certain medical conditions. The possibility of the erectile dysfunction coming early in life of a man occurs only due to medical ailments. Normally a young man does not face the dreadful thing called erectile dysfunction.

Among medical conditions, lower back pain, can be one of the factors contributing to the erectile dysfunction. Other conditions causing erectile dysfunction are diabetics, cardiovascular disease, prostate cancer or enlarged prostate condition and some psychological and emotional crises.

Lower Back Pain and Erectile Dysfunction

Lower back pain makes it difficult for a man to indulge in sex. It not only cause pain, but also makes it difficult to start getting into the sex mood. The process of the erectile dysfunction starts when a signal is send to the nerve system of the body by the brain. The brain signal it trigged by the thought, erotic image or anything that starts the desire of sex in the mind. The never system triggers the release of an enzyme that dilates the blood vessels and increases the flow of the blood in the body.

Anything that disturbs this process leads to the erectile dysfunction. Sometimes there is no disruption from the nerve system, but the flow of the blood to the sexual part is not enough to cause an erection. The blood vessels are not relaxed enough to let flow of the blood to the penis.  The back pain can lower the flow of the blood to the sexual area of the man, thus causing erectile dysfunction.

Then there is pinched nerve which is responsible for the sensation in the sexual area of the man. So any damage or injury to this nerve leads to erectile dysfunction. The pain the back muscles also discourages the interest in the sexual affairs.

Any injury to the herniated disc also causes the erectile dysfunction. The back pain treatment is important to get over the pain before indulging in sex. Even if a man is able to get the erection necessary for the sexual act, he won’t be able to enjoy the sex due to pain in the back.  The erectile dysfunction drug like Viagra 200 mg can increase the blood flow to the sexual organ in just half an hour, but the pain in the lower back will never allow the man to fully engage in the sex. So the first thing is getting the medical treatment for a back pain and then uses the erectile dysfunction drugs.

First Back Pain Treatment is Step to Regain the Sexual Prowess.

No erectile dysfunction drug can cure the back pain. The sex act in the back pain condition can aggravate the pain and make it more painful for a man.  The medical treatment is necessary for complete recovery from the back pain. It is also the first step to cut the chances of erectile dysfunction assuming a big headache in the sexual life of a man. The medical expert may suggest medical treatment backed by the physiotherapy for the complete rehabilitation.

Once a person is complete free from the back pain, he can use the erectile dysfunction drugs like Levitra 40 mg to gain the erection. But before the use of the erectile dysfunction drug use a man has to be completely cured from the back pain.

A long physical therapy is needed after the medical treatment. Until a person is fully recovered from the pain back, even with a hard erection, he cannot enjoy the sexual act. The missionary position will be totally out of question for him. However with the use of erectile dysfunction drug, he can however, asks his partner to come on top, if he really wants to get intimate.

If a man has to get intimate, he can rest on his back totally relaxed and let his partner to come on top. However, the partner has to keep in mind, the delicate position of the man. She has to make slow moves, and if possible try to just rub on the penis after inserting the penis inside her body. This way the man will get full joy of sex, without disturbing his back muscles. The man with back pain should consult a doctor before using Cialis 60 mg dose, as it lasts for longer duration then other drugs. The longer impact could affect the back pain and aggravate the problem.