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The second largest city in Armenia greets you warmly! Often called Armenia’s capital for arts and crafts, Gyumri is famous for its old historic districts and streets.

Welcome to the heart of humor and joy of Armenia. Gyumri is the second largest city and is known to be a place where people are telling funniest stories and jokes. People of this region will make you laugh hard and make the atmosphere light and cheerful.

The city is also considered as the "city of crafts and arts” being famous for its schools, theatres and musicians (so-called gusans). There is a big variety of cultural activities in Gyumri. Here are some must see places in Gyumri that you should attend if you want to imagine the whole picture of the city life.

Vardanants Square

Start exploring the city from its central square called Vardanants Square. It is called after Armeian historic figure, Vardan and his dynasty. In the middle of the square there is a memorial to the Battle of Avarayr where Vardan was the leader of Armenian armies. The equestrian statue of Vardan Mamikonian is erected at the center of the memorial. The other four statues depict other historical figures and one of them is V. Mamikonian's mother.

If you want to manage to attend all of the cultural places and not miss any of the mentioned above you can rent a car in Gyumri with all your preferred characteristics and enjoy your trip!