Can 5-HTP Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

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As we are all known to this that erectile dysfunction can happen by many causes, is 5-hydroxytrypton one of them? Read more to find out.

Psychological health is a must for better erections and hydroxytrypton helps with that. Indeed, it is a natural serotonin booster but why does this question arise that it causes erectile dysfunction or not? Let’s have an insight into it- let’s get started!

What is 5-HTP (5-Hydroxytrypton)?

5-HTP is considered as a herbal supplement used to boost serotonin levels. This supplement is made from the Griffonia seeds found in Africa. This supplement is often used to swing mood and the same helps with erection problems as well but why is it not suggested? Erectile dysfunction is kind of sexual problem which may even get worse on wrong treatment. However, 5-HTP is sold as an herbal supplement not as a medication and so not approved by Foods and Drugs Administration.

Indeed, hydroxytrypton is very less tested on human to understand how it reacts and it can work to improve erections or not. Also, not being approved by FDA for erectile dysfunction, there has always been a doubt on its action and effect.

Does 5-HTP Help or Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

This question deserves a consideration and so we are up to. It is very obvious that hydroxytrypton lifts up the serotonin levels but is it all this supplement do? We can say that 5-HTP might help with erection problems to some extent. But, can these herbal treatments really cure erectile dysfunction or is just a momentary cure? Though, it can help with erection problems but can get worsen often.

Did you know? Hydroxytrypton can cause blood abnormalities and muscle tenderness that is surely sign of erectile dysfunction. This is the reason why 5-HTP is considered are as on behind erection problems/impotence. To keep it simple, this supplement improves serotonin levels but on the other hand, it affects blood flow to a great extent making it hard to maintain a balanced erection. And, ultimately developing either male impotence or priapism. The bottom line is, it is risky to use 5-HTP for erection issues/impotence.

Approved Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

There is no need to feel disappointed if you have erectile dysfunction/male impotence. 5-hydroxytrypton is not the only way to treat such sexual dysfunction, there are FDA approved drugs for the same. These drugs help increase blood flow to the penis tissues (corpus cavernosa) responsible to cause erection by filling the tissues with blood. Whether be it physical or psychological issues, the core problem they cause is rigid blood flow and making it tough to achieve an erection and keep it as well.

  • Viagra

This ED drug contains sildenafil citrate which is known to stimulate the blood vessels to increase blood flow and ultimately cause better erections. This erectile dysfunction drug is branded and patented by Pfizer. Talking about its recommended dosage, Viagra 150 mg pills is what you can surely give a try on.

  • Cialis

Another erectile dysfunction drug known for its effectiveness up to 36 hours in a single dosage. Containing tadalafil, Cialis is surely the pick when you are willing to extend your session. This ED drug comes in several dosages from 5mg to 60mg and should be taken as prescribed.

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  • Levitra

Looking for a more efficient medication for your ED treatment? Levitra containing vardenafil can be your pick. However Levitra has the same working mechanism and effect, it is a stronger drug in comparison with other ED drugs. If you look for its optimal dosage to start with the treatment, Levitra 40mg is good to go with.

  • Generic Drugs

Not only branded drugs, there are several generic drugs as well which are found really helpful to improve one’s erection. Some out of the best generic ED drugs are Cenforce 200mg, Fildena, Vidalista and Tadacip and Super P-force (containing dapoxetine also helpful in improving premature ejaculation).


This is how 5-HTP can cause erectile dysfunction however it improves serotonin levels which is considered beneficial for erection. 5-HTP causes blood abnormalities what rigids blood flow and ultimately leads to erection issues. Well, one looking for erectile dysfunction treatment can run after approved ED drugs.