How Often Does an Air Conditioner Need to be Serviced?

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Find out how often you need to call pros for AC repair in Chandler. This article discusses your service options and helps you find the right crew for the job.

Maintenance ensures that your AC delivers optimal performance. It prevents energy drains and keeps replacement costs at bay, as you won’t need to shell out money for a new unit much too soon, the DIY Network says.

Hiring a seasoned technician for AC repair in Chandler to inspect your unit and perform system fixes is vital to your AC maintenance efforts. You’d know you need one when you encounter weird odors, hot air, unusual noises coming out of your AC. Also, if there’s any buildup of moisture on your system and your electric bills are unusually high, those signs mean that it’s high time you called a professional technician to take a look and fix the problem, the USA Today says. But if there aren’t any visible signs of damage, how often will you need to call pros to service your air conditioning system?

Annual Service Checks

To keep your AC unit working without a hitch, have it serviced and inspected at least once a year. That will keep your AC operating at maximum efficiency. Annual service checks, coupled with regular repairs and fixes performed by trained and qualified technicians, will keep your machine running as efficiently as possible. Failure to get pros to do both, though, will leave your system vulnerable to minor system issues that could snowball into worse problems.

Simple Maintenance Tasks

You can also perform simple maintenance tasks. Start by checking your AC system regularly for any signs of damage. As soon as you see any problems, ask for a technician to look it over. They’ll determine the extent of the damage and the repairs needed. Cleaning around your outdoor compressor also makes it easier for the air to get into the system. And because the buildup of dirt and dust reduces the efficiency of your unit, replacing your clogged filters can do a lot to prevent that. With how-to guides and video tutorials online, replacing your air filters is easy enough to learn.

Maintenance Program

Your AC needs regular service checks. If you've got a busy and demanding career as well as home life, it’s easy for your AC’s maintenance needs to slip your mind. One way to resolve that problem is to pay for a maintenance plan. The plan details system upgrades or checks as well as repairs or replacements that need to be done and when. By paying for a maintenance plan, you have fewer worries on your plate. Instead of keeping a maintenance calendar by yourself, let a trusted service provider handle everything for you.

Choose an AC Service Firm

Consider the credentials of the firm. What training and background do the firm’s technicians have? Does the company specialize in AC services, or does it perform repairs in general? A firm that specializes in AC services may be in a better position to help you. Also, you’ll want to choose local contractors. The closer they are to you, the sooner they can get to your home and get started on the maintenance, repair, and service checks.