Looking Astrologer in Coimbatore To Know the Reason Behind Delay in Marriage

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Know about the best astrologer in Coimbatore and know the reason behind the delay in your marriage.

Marriage is holy matrimony, and it is said to be a match made in heaven. While for others, the ideal age of getting married might be 25-30 years of age, few of them surpass this age and fail to find their life partner no matter how hard they might seem to try. Well, it’s not their fault even though they might have everything in place. Such that if you are wondering as to why your marriage might be delayed, then there are various reasons for the same.

The well-known factor that delays the acreage is the “right-match” factor. With the help of horoscopes and planetary positions, the solutions can be effectively found out. Typically, in the horoscope, it tells us that the seventh house is all about marriage-related issues. In case your seventh-house is damaged, then marriage related issues might be prevalent and also delays in marriage are evident. Such that below there are specific reasons as to why there might be a delay in marriage based on several astrologers in Coimbatore.

  • The seventh house has a relationship with Saturn.
  • The position of Jupiter seems to be weaker.
  • The seventh house is occupied by another planet, thus causing such effects.
  • The plants of Saturn and mars influence the seventh house.
  • The position of Venus is weaker, that signifies your spouse.
  • The planets that own the seventh house appear to be weaker.
  • The seventh house has the presence of malefic planets such as Rahu, Ketu, Mars and Saturn.

Such that the above-given reasons are the main attributes for the delay in marriages. According to the various top astrologers in Coimbatore, it’s evident that Venus plays an important role as far as marriages are concerned. Jupiter, on the other hand, depicts the time of marriage. Weaker positioned venues delays marriage but a well-positioned Venus guarantees an early marriage but a happy marriage as well.

Hence if you were to consult any astrologer for the reasons behind delayed marriage, then they would have the same reason. But then the reason might vary based on age, birth date, and other reasons as well. Such that it could be an entirely new subject to tackle marriage that might not be your cup of tea. But then strengthening your seventh house would be the ideal task at hand.

Also finding out remedies for the same would be equivalent to getting your marriage not delayed furthermore. Also, even after marriage, it would be advised that you wear a gemstone as prescribed by the astrologer to safeguard the marriage and ensure that the marriage lasts longer and is a fruitful event. But ensure that you don’t try any remedy on your own. Consult the best astrologer in your city to avail the best information that can be of immense use in your happy married life.