Discover The Power Of An Industrial Solar System!

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Solar panels are not just for commercial industries, resident owners are accepting solar panels rapidly in India.

The trend of going green through solar panels is a sought-after solar product in India. Industrial solar panels have gained major popularity in India, more and more industries now fancy about installing solar panels on their unused industry roof.  Nevertheless, of the fact, which industry we are in, whether it is textile, cement, paper, steel, chemical, ceramic, dairy, solar panels offer an abundance of benefits to all the industries. All the leading industries all over the world are moving in accepting the solar green installation.

Indian Industries solar panels facts

India is a developing country; it is a land with rapidly growing industries.  Over the past decades, there have been many revolutions in Indian industries, accepting solar panels is one of the major revolutions in the Indian industries world.  According to the facts by Sola Feeds, in 2018, the country's cumulative solar capacity was 28 GW, and in 2019 it is already set for a record solar capacity additions.

One of the major reasons as to why more and more industries are rapidly accepting solar panels is because this natural source of energy cuts down significant their expenses.

Heavy pick and heavy use of electricity by Indian industries

The energy use of India is doubled since 2000. India is one of the countries with the largest renewable source of energy; solar energy is the top. According to Wikipedia, by the end of September 2019, India has installed more than 82,580 MW of renewable energy capacity with around 31,150 MW of capacity under various stages of installation. The increase in the use of electricity has increased the grid tariff for the industries, this is another reason why the growing market has accepted solar energy. A solar panel is one of the best and most cost-effective ways to get rid-off high tariff, especially during peak hours. Also, it is a great way to reduce the burden on the grid caused by excess use of electricity in industries.

Solar power of the industry

The solar panel can highly benefit Indian industries in many aspects. The solar energy generated using the natural source of energy on the rooftop of industries can significantly help owners in saving huge expenses. It will eliminate the burden of the grind, which means the electricity can be saved or used lucratively for other purposes.

Not only will the industry cut down the cost, but it can significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the business. A solar panel is a sophisticated way of going green. With minimal maintaining efforts, we can get the best value for money and can also make our industry an eco-friendly industry. Solar panels of the top-notch quality are warranted to last for at least 20 years. They will produce electricity with superior performance throughout the years.

No wonder, whether we are into a small business, medium business, or a large enterprise, solar panels are ideal for all industries, despite its size. They are available in different sizes to meet our variant industrial requirements.

In a nutshell, investment in solar is an investment in the future.

Solar panels are not just for commercial industries, resident owners are accepting solar panels rapidly in India. Solar water heater suppliers are in sought-after demand these days in India. However, for panels to generate effective output for the years, it is crucial that the system is manufactured with minuscule details and is installed correctly. Thankfully, when it comes to India, we have Citizen Solar, an expert solarising company providing A-grade solar panels for all the industry and homeowners. They will understand our specifications and requirements and will assist us in choosing the right type of solar panel that will meet our expectations.

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