Three Mistakes That Can Make Your Child Ill

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Have you ever felt that your child is falling ill all the time?

Have you ever felt that your child is falling ill all the time? If that is the case there could be many reasons for this including the child’s own immunity issues, the environment in which you keep the child and also the various methods of childcare that you use. As a parent your priority should always be to make sure that your child remains happy and healthy at all times so if you know that something is not right, you should immediately take the right actions to prevent your child from falling ill. If you do not, the consequences can be rather negative and detrimental to your child’s health. Here are some common mistakes that parents do that can cause a child to fall ill regularly.

Not Taking Care of Sanitation and Hygiene


It is very important that your child’s sanitation and hygiene is taken care of maintained well all day, every day. Buy a good brand of diapers such as huggies that will be compatible with the age of your child and make sure that each time they soil themselves; they are changed and replaced with fresh ones after the child has been cleaned properly. Use water and a suitable baby wash or soap to clean the baby and dry well. If needed apply a small amount of diaper rash lotion or some powder and let the baby sit without a diaper for about five to ten minutes so that the skin can breathe. Then dress them up in a fresh diaper. Always make sure to keep your hands clean after each diaper change before you touch the child again.



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Not Keeping the Child’s Sleeping Area Clean and Safe


The immediate surroundings of the child will also decide to a great extent, how healthy they will be. Make sure that the clothes that are used on the cot are always clean and dry and freshly laundered or washed. Have a sturdy railing installed around the cot so that the child cannot roll and fall down or so that they cannot climb over. Disinfect the room regularly and make sure that there are no disease-causing insects around such as flies and mosquitoes that can harm your child. If there is a person who is sick at home, make sure that they do not go into the room of the child in order to minimize the risk of contamination. Remember that when they are small children may not have powerful immune systems and therefore they will rely on your care to be healthy.

Not Maintaining Your Cleanliness and Hygiene


Because as a parent you will come into the most contact with your child it is important that you maintain your hygiene and cleanliness as much as possible always. This includes regularly washing your hands with a good antibacterial soap or wash and taking the right precautionary methods if you are ill and do not wish to transfer that to your child. These are some of the most common mistakes that you need to stop doing today if you want your child to receive the best care and also enjoy the best level of health possible.