Will Divorce Mediation Work for You?

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This is a difficult topic for most couples. Luckily, most parents set aside their own interests for the children's sake and are open to negotiation.

Divorce is incredibly stressful for both parties. The emotional and psychological conflicts are huge, but they can also translate into higher costs. Because of this, divorces can take a very long time and can get even more expensive, for both parties. The problems are further complicated if there are minor children. The emotional stress is immense for children and the psychological effects can be visible for years.

Luckily, divorce is not the only option if a married couple wants to separate. Mediation for divorce in South Florida is getting more popular, and it can be a quicker, less stressful and far less costly than a divorce. Let's see why and if it can help you:

What Is Divorce Mediation?

Firstly, let's see what divorce mediation is. The process is quite simple: the divorcing couple is able to meet with a specially trained, neutral party to discuss the divorce and the other related issues. Mediation is less stressful than normal divorce proceedings. It's also more effective, quicker and less expensive. This is because, during mediation, the couple has the chance to interact openly and discuss the various aspects of the divorce. The parties are able to maintain their power and make their own decisions when it comes to their assets. On the other hand, if you are going through a normal divorce, you are asking the judge to make a decision based on your situation.

Mediation offers an amazing opportunity for divorcing couples: communication. Even most communication-challenged couples can succeed with mediation, especially if the mediator is experienced and sees a good opportunity.

Mediation For Couples With Children

Divorces get very complex if there are also minor children involved. The proceedings are very stressful as they involve various additional issues, like visitation schedules, child support or child custody. Luckily, a good mediator has the experience to work with couples who have children and know how to handle these delicate issues.

Keep in mind that mediators are trained in conflict resolution and know the state's divorce laws. A good mediator will be willing to facilitate a meaningful conversation between the parties; will help avoid finger-pointing and the drama that usually accompanies divorce proceedings. Mediators will try to keep everything on track and will help avoid any lingering issues between the parties. However, a mediator will not be able to make decisions for you and can't sign contracts in your place.

How Does Mediation For Divorce In South Florida Work?

Mediation starts when you and your spouse agree to use a mediator. Essentially, both parties have to want to follow this alternative dispute resolution. This is the most important aspect, as it will determine how the entire process goes ahead and whether it will be successful. However, keep in mind that mediation is voluntary in most states, and is not required by law in case of divorce.

Divorce mediation services in Tampa will only work if both parties are open to communication and negotiation. The meetings will focus on communication and each party will have the opportunity to explain their needs and expectations, such as:

  • Matters Related To Property Division
  • Visitation Rights and Schedules
  • Child Custody
  • Child Support
  • Alimony or Spousal Support

The initial meetup will help the mediator determine where you stand as a couple and how much work is required in order to reach a successful result. Divorce mediation services in Tampa don't have a time limit, but you should try to make progress after each discussion. If the process takes too much time and the meetings are numerous, the costs will go up drastically. Usually, most couples can resolve mediation in three to five sessions. This will be about half of what litigating your case in court will cost.

Will Mediation Work For You?

Mediation for divorce in South Florida doesn't work for all couples. Usually, mediation works best for couples who are on the same page and want roughly the same things. Here are some signs that the mediation will be right for you:

You And Your Spouse Agree To Divorce

Despite what you see on television, not all divorces are contentious. In a lot of cases, divorces are mutual, and both parties want to divorce as quickly as possible. Some couples even petition for divorce together. When this happens, negotiation goes much easier and any other issues can be solved with efficient communication.

There's No Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is one of the main predictors of your success or lack of success in meditation. In fact, most mediators will simply not take your case if you have a history of domestic violence. This is because the communication simply cannot occur properly and it's very difficult to keep the couple on track. What's more, in domestic violence cases the victim might be forced to agree to certain decisions, under intimidation or threats. In states that do require mediation, if the couple has a history of domestic violence, you won't be required to go to mediation sessions.

Both Spouses Are Open To Financial Issues

The financial aspect is one of the main issues in most divorces. In order for this aspect to go ahead smoothly, both parties must provide sensitive financial information. This includes documentation related to bank accounts, both personal and business accounts, retirement accounts, pensions, stock and information about all debts or other assets. This step is sometimes difficult to manage, as most couples tend to hide financial matters. The mediator has to have all the information related to the financial situation of both parties. Being open about finances is critical, as it helps make the entire process much easier and quicker.

Agreeing On The Custody Terms

This is a difficult topic for most couples. Luckily, most parents set aside their own interests for the children's sake and are open to negotiation. When this happens, the divorce mediation services in Tampa can be successful after just a few meetings. During mediation, the visitation schedule will be drafted, the child support and other important matters related to your children.