Make Your Bed like A Pro

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Who hasn't admired and gushed over those perfect homes portrayed on decorating magazines or on popular interior design websites?

Who hasn't admired and gushed over those perfect homes portrayed on decorating magazines or on popular interior design websites? The perfect color palettes, perfectly accessorized, no mess insight and oh the perfect be in size. Every aspect of these rooms looks like it is straight out of a professional decorator's dream.

While your room may not be fit for a magazine cover but it doesn't mean that your room cant look perfect to you! If making your bed and arranging your pillows daily means business to you, take it up a notch! Honestly, it doesn't take much time to make your bed look so relaxing, that it keeps you motivated all day. And nothing more comforting than finding a bed that invites you to lie down and relax.

Bed Skirt

Not every bed requires a bed skirt, but if your bed is supported by a metal frame. Then you need to cover it asap! The skirt can be used to conceal unattractive casters and frames. Plus, when the under the bed area is concealed, it becomes a great place to store your goods and other bulky items.

Get Padded

A mattress topper adds an extra layer of comfort to your bed. This may not be visible, however, you will feel the effects when you sleep. 

Sheet It

Soft and comfortable sheets are the breaking point. They help you realize the difference between a good night's sleep and trying to get a good night's sleep. Some people insist that ironing your bedsheets help to give you that smooth look. However, if you take it out of your dryer immediately, it will give you the same effect. 

The key to getting a wrinkle-free look is to smoothen out the bed sheet whilst spreading it on the bed. Tuck the bedsheet firmly so that it doesn't come out as soon as you sit. Whilst you are at it, smoothen away any wrinkles.

Blanket Time

Blanket time, our favorite time. These layers of extra warmth, deserve extra love. These are many different ways to lay your blanket. The most common way is to lay it over the mattress evenly and tuck the sides of the blanket under the mattress just like to fitted sheet.

Choose Your Topper

Whether you opt for a quilt, bedspread, comforter or a duvet, this particular piece sets the mood for your bedroom.  Lay the bed topper over your bed sheet or blanket, and drape it evenly. Then its time to place your pillows

Place Your Pillows

Pillows are the game changer, you have the most perfect beddings but pillows are what truly sets the tone. Fluff your sleeping pillows and place them against your headboard. Next, throw in some throw pillows! But remember too many can ruin the look. So use no more than three throw pillows and truly style your bed.

Throw It

Last but not least, the crowning moment. Ever heard that last-minute touches are the hardest yet the best? Add an extra touch of a throw blanket, thin coverlet or extra blanket and layer it on the bed.  You could also add a tray with a small flower vase and a steaming yet steady cup of caffeine.

Well, seems like a lot of work doesn’t it? But truly it isn’t.  Do what you have to do, but do it right. And that’s what matters.