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The local food drift is now spreading across the globe, yet not everyone understands it’s true meaning and magnitude.

The local food drift is now spreading across the globe, yet not everyone understands it’s true meaning and magnitude. Nowadays consumers of the local food have become more demanding regarding the quality of food and also adding to the value for money. But an equitable monumental part of local food is that it sates our taste and also increases our affection towards our domestic country. In this article you will find, how all the foodies are connecting and exploring the food walks in the lanes of Delhi.

Street foods are way too economical compared with the restaurant meals and provides an alternative for home made foods. According to statistics more than 60% population in Delhi are in the service industry which increases the demand for street foods. Initially the street food business was region based. Delhi was famous for ''chaats'', Mumbai for 'vadapav' , Hyderabad for 'biryani', 'dosa and idli' in south India. But with the globalization one can eat his favorite regional foods in his own hometown. 

Street food was always famous in India, the interesting thing is that now it is available in more standardized retail format as hygiene is a concern for consumers. Both Delhi food walks, Delhi food walks cost attracts people all over the country. Eating out in Delhi is the most delightsome experience. And Delhi’s greatest milepost, the metro, is the best and the handily way to do the roaming of old Delhi and New Delhi, experiencing the street delights on the way. People just have to bounce on to the yellow line metro and get off at the old Delhi station. A lot of hustle and bustle is in the area. And just outside the metro stations you can find multihued of chaat corners serving some notorious old Delhi style chaat. The famous of all is 'paprichaat' which is basically minion sized crisp disks topped with abundance of sweet and hot chutneys and cream or curd. To reach the next stop you have to hop in and stop at the chandni chowk station where you can try some famous `dahibhallas’ and enjoy the view of the red fort. Also this place is famous for its `paranthe wali gali’ which has been serving some delicious authentic paranthas from ages. And the next stop is near jama masjid in chawri bazaar for meat which has tasted the same for centuries. Rabri falooda near the fatehpoori masjid and also in winters one can try 'makke di roti' and 'sarso da saag.' If a person is a paan lover he or she can go to Connaught place and try numerous paans, one which is in trend is the fire paan. Also a lot of small food joints are in the area `kamla nagar’ for which you have to stop at the vishwavidhyalya  station in the yellow line. Which accounts for most of the youth crowd. The most famous street food and fast food joints can be found in the following places:

  • Karol Bagh
  • Chawri bazaar
  • Rajouri garden
  • Chandnichowk
  • Hudson lane
  • Malviyanagar
  • Saket
  • Connaught place
  • Netaji subhash place

And many more..

Despite the incredible varieties of edible delights, Delhi’s roadside eateries are facing heat of competition. People are preferring more of Chinese, Italian and other foods from different countries leading to the suffering of local street side eateries and the frenzying love for the authentic foods.