The Best Clever and Cunning Secret Hiding Places for Your Secret Stuff

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When the coffee canister just wont cut it anymore, weve devised several
clever, cunning, and creative secret hiding places for all your secret stuff.

When it comes to valuables, you can never be too careful. You try to hide stuff like money and
jewelry, but criminals have figured out just about every hiding spot imaginable.
Perhaps you#39;ve hidden a spare key under a flower pot on the front porch. Or you#39;ve stowed extra
cash in the bottom of a cookie jar in the kitchen. The truth is that you aren#39;t fooling anyone. Those are
the first places thieves look when searching your home.
In this article, we take a look at the best secret hiding places for keeping your valuables safe from
intruders. Keep reading to learn some creative places to hide money and other stuff in case of a break

Cat Litter Tub

It#39;s pretty safe to assume that anyone that breaks into your house would never think to look for money
in the cat litter. Fortunately, you can buy cat litter in sturdy plastic tubs. Even if you don#39;t have a cat,
this is a great place to hide valuables, especially when you#39;re out of town.
Simply empty the litter into a separate container, place your valuables into the bottom of the tub, then
pour the litter back into the tub so that it buries your stuff. 
Old Vacuum Cleaner

When your old vacuum cleaner finally dies, don#39;t toss it out. Place your valuables in a plastic baggie
and place in the space where the vacuum bag goes. Then simply store it in a closet with your other
cleaning supplies. 

False Heating Vent

Every home has heating and air vents in every room. Rather than blocking air flow in an existing wall
vent, we have a better idea. Move a bed out of the way, and cut a hole in the wall large enough to
store a few valuables between the wall studs. Then cover the opening with a vent plate that matches
the others in your home.
This makes a perfect hiding space where no criminal will think to look.
False Electrical Outlet

Now apply the same idea to an electrical outlet. Go to the basement or a spare bedroom and find a
spot on the wall where you don#39;t mind cutting a hole the size of an electrical outlet. 
Use a utility knife to saw through the drywall, then insert an electrical plate with a small plastic box
attached. Place some cash or jewelry inside, then screw the plate in place. No one will ever guess
what#39;s really there.
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False Bathroom Tile

Most bathrooms are filled with tilework. This includes the floor and walls. So we recommend removing
one or more tiles, creating a cavity several inches deep behind it, and then replacing the tile, sealing it
in place with putty.

Door Jamb

Doors are made of wood, right? Thus they offer great hiding places for small amounts of cash. 
Pick a door in your home. Open the door so that you have access to the door jamb. Take a drill with a
paddle bit and augur a hole approximately six inches deep. Clear out the shavings.
Now roll up some cash into a tight roll and insert it into the hole you#39;ve created. The final touch is to
cover the hole with a wooden plug to hide the contents from view.
Pill Bottles in Cabinets

This hiding place idea is super simple. Keep a few old empty prescription pill bottles and aspirin
bottles, and store them in the kitchen and bathroom with your other pill bottles. These make great
hiding places for small amounts of cash.

Water Bottle

Why throw out empty water bottles when you can use them as hiding places? Simply cut them in half,
and make a false bottom for storing valuables. Then you can place them at the back of the cupboard
in the kitchen with other water bottles and no one will be any the wiser.
Salt and Pepper Shakers

Make a false bottom in your salt and pepper shakers. You won#39;t be able to fit much in them, but no
one is ever going to suspect that they contain anything of value.
This hiding place is especially sneaky because your valuables will be hidden right in plain sight.

Secret Compartment Under Sofa

When you have a greater number of items to hide, you#39;ll need more space. That#39;s where a hidden
compartment inside furniture comes in handy. You can either buy a sofa with a compartment already
built in or you can add your own.
This is a simple matter of removing the seat cushions and adding a secret compartment into the
space above the springs. This can be a tad tricky, thus the suggestion to purchase a sofa that already
features a hidden space for valuables.

Secret Drawers Built into Stairs

This is an especially cool hiding space idea that looks cool and is great for secret storage.
If you have stairs inside your home, you can design them with drawers that slide out from the risers.
You can add as many drawers as you like, though we suggest alternating among the stairs so that
they are more difficult to spot. Perhaps add a drawer to every other stair or limit it to two or three.
This is the perfect hiding spot for valuables, and also makes a great space for everyday storage

Secret Door Behind Bookshelves

Designing bookshelves with a built-in secret door is a classic idea. Perhaps you#39;ve seen this kind of
thing in movies. It works great in real life too.
You can make your hidden space as elaborate as you want. Perhaps you prefer a simple
compartment behind a row of books with false fronts. Or perhaps you want to create something really
special by making the entire bookcase open up with storage space large enough to walk into.

Hidden Panel Behind Firewood Pile

This one might sound more elaborate than it is. The idea is simply to stack firewood in front of a panel
in the wall that covers a secret compartment. The panel will be hidden from view by the stacked
wood. Thus you will need to move wood out of the way in order to have access to the valuables

False TV Remote

Here is another simple idea for hiding limited amounts of cash in plain sight. The idea is to keep an
extra TV remote in the entertainment cabinet where you store your functioning remotes. 

The false remote simply doesn#39;t contain batteries, thus you can fold a few bills and stuff them into the
cavity beneath the battery cover. This is obviously nothing fancy, but at least you can hide a few
bucks that might come in handy during an emergency.
Wall Clock with False Back

Does anyone know what time it is? Well, according to that clock on the wall over there, it#39;s time to
reveal our next secret hiding place. Having a wall clock with a false back is yet another example of a
perfect hiding place displayed right in the open.
These clocks feature a hinge that allows the face to swing open and reveal a space that#39;s perfect for
stashing some cash.

Hidden Floor Panel

A secret floor panel can easily be hidden beneath a rug or a section of carpet that you pull back to
reveal a small door in the floor.
If your home has a basement, the door can be built at the top of a flight of stairs that lead down into a
safe room. This would be especially ideal as a safe place to hide in case of intruders or severe storms
when you need to take shelter.
The space beneath the floor can be big enough to store food and water, and even have cots in case
you need to sleep down there.

Secret Room Beneath Bed

Placing your secret room beneath a bed in a bedroom in an even better idea. This way you are able
to access the room quickly in the event that an intruder breaks into the house or dangerous weather
arrives suddenly.
Simply slide the bed a few inches to one side, move the rug or carpet out of the way, and open the
door for access to the stairs leading to your safe room.
This might sound like a lot of work, but the safety it provides in an emergency will be worth the effort
and expense that you invest.

Secret Hiding Places for Your Valuables

Keeping your family safe is your first priority. And your second priority is keeping your valuables
hidden from thieves. That#39;s why these ideas for secret hiding places are so important. You simply
never know when a thief will break into your home and take whatever they can find.
Keep in mind that burglars are smart. The good news is that the ideas in this article will outsmart even
the most cunning of bad guys.
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