Augmented Reality is a part of the offices now

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Augmented Reality is the new-age technology that is creating a buzz in the world.

Augmented Reality is the next big thing, and the investments in the field of augmented reality are expected to touch the $60 billion by the year 2020. Augmented Reality is the new-age technology that is creating a buzz in the world. It integrates the digital information and the pictures or the images within a video. Also, it even adds more images to the real-world settings. Augmented reality is similar to virtual reality, rather, it is a bit different. When we talk about virtual reality, then we realize that the whole environment is absolutely computerized. Whereas, when we come to augmented reality, the experts integrate digitalized elements to the present environment.

Have you heard about these cool virtual offices?

Experts are planning to build augmented reality based office or workplaces that will revamp the way the corporates work. Very soon, you may have an augmented workplace, where you would be the only one working (or, it would appear that way). Though, there is no doubt about the fact that you would be working with your colleagues. It is not that you will be all alone, but you may feel a sense comfort. It’s just that, you would rather interact via emails or Skype than in the meeting rooms. Though, it won’t happen immediately, but as soon as it happens, it will change the way you work. Your job will be more exciting for you. Augmented workplaces will be built in layers and in phases. It is not that you can immediately build one and start working in it. Rather, in the first phase, the experts will be layering digital information and images or items in the existing real environment. As a result, you will be able to complete your work faster and with more efficiency.

In the workplaces, Augmented Reality is a step ahead of virtual reality

Many leaders of the topnotch firms have been discussing why they feel virtual reality or augmented reality should be adopted. And, there have been some discussions where the experts have been trying to choose one of them too, based on the benefits that they offer. But, ultimately, one has to be preferred over the other. And, in most of the cases, augmented reality is chosen over virtual reality because of a lot of reasons.

In the modern offices, two of the most important things to consider are: team collaboration and enhanced interaction between the teams. That is definitely the prime goal of every organization. Virtual reality makes you believe that the computer generated work is engaging and immersive, whereas, augmented reality makes you believe that the real world is more interesting. It boosts the workplace experience and it even enriches the life of the employees. And, the best part about augmented reality is that it is not making you believe that the computer generated work is better, rather, it improves your interaction with the real world. It makes the existing real environment better for you and it doesn’t replace it with a digitalized environment.

Workplaces are adopted Augmented Reality as it is mobile

If there is any technology that can be a part of the offices, it is augmented reality, and it has to be embedded in the wearables. All you would need to do is, wear the AR based headsets and move freely in your workplace. Also, they can use the wearables even while in the meetings or moving in the offices. Basically, AR will enhance the workplace experience, whereas, virtual reality limits it, therefore the businesses are keener to use augmented reality in the workplaces.  

One of the most favorite reasons of choosing AR is the fact that it is mobile. It can actually function impressively in our present wearable gadgets. For instance, you may even add AR to your smartphones in order to boost the camera experience as more contextual details can be added. As AR can be integrated into the wearables therefore, the businesses won’t have to invest a lot in the technology or the infrastructure. Rather, they would have to simply embed AR in the new gadgets. Therefore, they would be able to use AR quickly and a lot more efficiently.

AR improves the quality of the training sessions

At times, you may not be able to understand the instructions mentioned in the instruction manuals. Also, there are chances that the instructions are not very clear. Whereas, if we use AR for training, then in that case, all the instructions and steps can be projected one by one. This will make the training process a lot clearer. At the same time, the instructors can even choose to point to specific items and this, the session can be made more interesting. Additionally, we can say that adding more constructive information and even including things like labels etc. would be easier if we use AR.

Explaining the projects or their work can be easier

Augmented Reality has also made the process of explaining their projects or work easier. As, the employees can simply point to objects or take help of the graphics etc. to make it more interesting for the listeners. Also, the process of explaining and understanding becomes easier. For example, say you manufacture some cool gadgets and someone is very interested in knowing how you make them. Then, you may take them over to the complete training program with the help of AR.

Augmented Reality is turning out to be a top pick of the new-age industries. It is one of those technologies that have entered the industry like development with a bang. And, now, there is no doubt about the fact that augmented reality is changing the offices and the workplaces as well. A lot of the businesses are adopting augmented reality and therefore, the need and demand of AR in workplaces is also increasing. Basically, the businesses are only adopting AR as they know that AR will offer tons of business benefits. And, there is no doubt that AR will make the workplaces more engaging, interesting and intuitive.