How to treat BPH naturally?

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These are some of the best remedies of treating BPH or BPE that you can perform naturally at your homes or anywhere else.

BPH or Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia occurs when the cells present in the prostrate divide or multiply abnormally, causing harm to the organs by increasing its size.

BPH is also called Benign Prostatic Enlargement (BPE) in the scientific terms and is responsible for most of the diseases where the organs swell or function abnormally.

An abnormally enlarged prostate causes frustration within the body and has uncomfortable symptoms that might harass the individuals who are suffering from the disease. Humans can face urinary disorders or sexual difficulties when they are diagnosed with BPH or BPE. Therefore, you need to opt for benign prostatic hyperplasia natural treatment to treat such disorders naturally.

Here are some of the best natural ways for benign prostatic hyperplasia treatment:


According to a report, Pygeum is one of the best treatments for people who are suffering from BPH. It is a plum extract that is mostly performed in Africa and acts as the best antioxidant to your body. It also has an anti-inflammatory impact on your urogenital tract that helps you in reducing the burning sensation.

There are many studies conducted by the experts and professionals who try to use 100 or 200mg of the extract daily to see the impact on the disease. They even try to split it into 50mg doses and study if it’s helping them to reduce the symptoms of BPH.

Saw Palmetto

Another natural remedy to reduce the impact of BPH on your body is Saw Palmetto. Considered to be one of the best treatments used by many companies offering men’s health and treatment services.

Saw palmetto is also known to be the most studied subject by the many scientists and researchers and is also an excellent herbal treatment used for treating BPH symptoms.

There have been many instances where researchers have found out that saw palmetto had reduced the symptoms by inhibiting the testosterone production in the body and reducing the size of the prostate’s inner lining. These studies also prove that there are no side effects of using such treatment.

Zi-Shen Pills or ZSP

ZSP or Zi-Shen Pills is a medication that is also a combination of three plants that includes Chinese cinnamon.

It was first introduced during the 13th century by the Chinese to reduce the impacts of BPH in the body. Researchers and scientists have studied the composition of the medicine and derived formulas that reduce the rates of the BPH in the body. More researches are also being performed by professionals and experts to understand its effect on the body. However, as stated by the researchers, it is safe to consume the pills to reduce the BPH disorder in the body as it is made using natural herbal plants and not chemicals.


Most of the people who are using herbal supplements to reduce or treat BPH symptoms tend to consume Cernilton. It helps them in reducing the effect and impact of BPH in the prostate regions. When you are diagnosed with BPH disorders, you tend to face issues in emptying your bladders or frequently urinate during the night time.

In Cernilton, there is a content named rye-grass pollen that is included in the medication to ease the symptoms of the BPH and reduce its impact on the body. It also helps you in reducing the abnormal size and shape of the prostate.


These are some of the best remedies of treating BPH or BPE that you can perform naturally at your homes or anywhere else. You need to take care of your health and perform check-ups from time to time so that you can treat the diseases or disorders of your body naturally.