Employee Recruitment Done Right

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Is human resource management that big a deal, or is your HR not following the right hiring and onboarding procedure?

Trust me, it is easier said than done. You cannot just keep following the same traditional pre and post recruitment methods every time and expect better outcomes. It requires a significant amount of time and ample research to perform root cause analysis and derive smart solutions basis the same. So, no matter how cumbersome employee hiring and recruitment processes may seem, if you set and follow some ground rules, it’s a cakewalk!

Every organization understands and emphasizes the major parameters like setting eligibility criteria for different profiles, shortlisting the right candidate, organizing elaborate orientation programmes and so on. But somewhere they tend to forget the small yet consequential steps that could make a huge difference and leave a positive impression on each candidate. To experience the same, ask yourself these questions before going ahead and developing a new recruitment strategy altogether:

Is the job description comprehensive enough?

Yes, you need to set your expectations straight, right from the beginning. Only matching the eligibility criteria is not sufficient. The candidate should have competence as well as hands-on experience in the required domain. To refrain from doubting or repenting at a later stage, it is better to give a checklist of skills to the applicant while posting the ad for a vacancy. A catchy, all-inclusive yet precise job description can save you from making arrangements for a wrong candidate.

Do the assessment criteria vary for each position?

Depending upon the designation as well as responsibilities for each position, there should be befitting tests and interview questionnaire for every applicant. Since the qualification and professional backgrounds of candidates are different, the deciding factors to select/ reject them should also be variable. The entire assessment and qualifying rounds need to be fair and absolutely just.

Do I use the standard offer letter template?

At times, we miss some critical information while designing the offer letter for a selected candidate. There is also a possibility that you follow the wrong offer letter template. To avoid making such glitches, you should refer to reliable sources and check the overall content and drafting of an official document before welcoming the hired person with the same. Everything from applicant name, position offered, start date and time to remuneration and company guidelines as well as the requirements of joining formalities should be clearly mentioned.

Are the documents of the candidate genuine?

Staying away from the fraudulent applicants is a must! You would never want to invite trouble at your workplace. There is a dire need of validating the documents for identity and other proof before onboarding a candidate. So, you can either hire a third party background verification team or do it yourself, but there is no scope of forgetting the same.

Employees are the most critical and sensitive resources/ assets of an organization. Thus, every aspect of the employee recruitment process needs utmost attention and precision whether it is before posting a job vacancy or after sharing the offer letter to the candidate.