How to Choose a True Luxury Accommodation in the Central Coast

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When choosing a luxury accommodation, make sure that the hotel you will choose has the best rooms, hotel service, amenities, and location.

Hotels will always say that they have the best accommodation, bragging that they have 5-star rating, but the truth is, only a handful can live up to their promise. As a would-be hotel guest, you should know how to draw the line between legitimate luxury hotels and ordinary ones.

Luxury Accommodation and Central Coast

Central Coast is home to some of the most luxurious hotels in Australia. Because of the region’s breath-taking beaches and shorelines, it is no wonder why many local and foreign tourists flock the area. Moreover, because there is an abundance of number of tourists, it is natural for hoteliers to establish their businesses there. Today, there are many hotels in the area, from average ones to luxurious ones, catering to the accommodation needs of variety of guests.

While there are many great hotels in Central Coast, not all can provide the genuine luxury feel to guests. The problem is that almost all of the hotels in the area conveniently use the term “luxury” even if its amenities and hospitality services are not at par with that of legitimate luxury hotels. Hence, if you are looking for genuine luxury feel and experience, it will be handy to know the characteristics of an authentic luxury accommodation.

Qualities of a Legitimate 5-Star Central Coast Hotel

The rule of thumb in determining whether or not a Central Coast hotel is up to 5-star standards is to consider these elements: room, hotel service, amenities, and location.

The room must be luxurious – When you stay at Central Coast, a good portion of your time will be spent the most at your hotel room. If you are planning to stay at a 5-star hotel, then your room must be up to luxury standards. It is common for 5-star hotels to pamper their guests with triple-sheeted beds, live plants, more than 10 types of hangers, fresh flowers, top-of-the-line TV, and a stereo system. Needless to say, the room must be spacious and promote a luxurious feel.

The hotel service must be intimate – The key difference between 5-star hotels from other hotels is that the former is more intimate, comprehensive, and personal. While other average hotels can assure politeness of staff and hotel crew, and graciousness of service personnel, luxury hotels      will always go an extra mile when it comes to service. It is natural for these luxurious hotels to give in to almost any request of guests. As they say, there is no request too eccentric when staying at a luxury hotel.

The amenities must be spot on – As a guest paying for good amount of money to stay at a 5-star hotel, you should expect nothing but the best amenities. Common amenities in a luxury accommodation include premium cable television, phone lines, fitness room, personal headphones, latest magazines, iPod docking system, pet room service, and even baby butlers. Needless to say, 5-star hotels will always pamper guests to the extreme.

The location must be king – One of the most obvious differences between a 5-star hotel and average hotel is the former’s location and environment. Authentic 5-star hotels are usually located in the most convenient and strategic places in the area. These hotels should be near points of interests, and should have a great view of the town. Furthermore, a luxury hotel must provide a distinct and unique environment for guests in order to justify its price.

When choosing a luxury accommodation, make sure that the hotel you will choose has the best rooms, hotel service, amenities, and location. If you are after the best experience possible, then choose only an authentic luxury hotel.