Encompass Abstract Décor Vibes with Textured Knife Paintings

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For those in search of some eclectic and one of a kind knife textured paintings, Arttree has a wide range for you to choose from.

Understanding art isn’t easy, especially when it comes to abstract pieces. They are a rendition of the artists free flow of mind which is one of the reasons why they blend in so well with the home and room decors and interiors. If you are just moving in or planning to renovate your whole house, adding in some personal touch with some knife texture paintings can elevate the look and feel of the rooms.

Here, we are going to share some of the best types of knife textured paintings that can take your home décor from zero to a hundred.

What are Knife Textured Paintings?

For those who aren’t aware, the knife texture paintings are the free hand drawings which are made with paint directly painted on the canvas and then articulated with thick strokes of the painting knives.

They leave behind a very subtle abstract vibe with an embossed 3D effect which looks amazing on the walls.

The One with The Animals

If you have been told that adding in pictures of animals is going for your home’s Vaastu, we would suggest you add in some knife texture painting on canvas with animals on them. These are quite breathtaking in terms of how they look and even the combination of subdued and vibrant colours that they have added to them. They are a perfect addition to the living room décor, just on the empty space above the sofa set.

The One with The Buildings

Another one of the popular wall art that you can add to your home décor is the knife texture cityscape paintings. They have a very rushed but subtle characteristic to them which is perfect for your house. The touch of abstract along with the random strokes make the painting seems as if it’s something completely real. Try and get the panoramic versions of the knife texture painting online for a better depth.

The One with The Flowers

You can’t go wrong with floral paintings, now, can you? Irrespective of if they are painted with subtle strokes of brushes or with a thick layer of textured pattern, they add in glory to the house décor like nothing else. You can get them in any shape that you deem fit for your house and hang them accordingly.

The One with The Basic Abstract

Another addition to the home décor wall art that can highlight the personality of your house better is with the random abstract pieces. If you are seeking some knife texture painting online Australia, get the one with the abstract hues and no particular explanations to them. They blend in well and even complement the placement of your furniture better.

The One with The Basic Strokes

If you are in the mood for something chic but simple at the same time, the basic leaf like strokes makes up for the perfect wall painting for your décor. It is important that you choose through one with a contrasting colour scheme because you want the painting piece to stand out.

For those in search of some eclectic and one of a kind knife textured paintings, Arttree has a wide range for you to choose from.