Hotel Management Course - The Best Option Available For You

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India has become a popular travel destination, due to which the hospitality industry has had to step up to its full potential.

India has become a popular travel destination, due to which the hospitality industry has had to step up to its full potential.

The demand for hotel management graduates is huge and will grow further with the increasing number of hotels being set-up in the country and abroad.

Hotel management is a lucrative and exciting career that has several perks such as commissions, tips and meeting famous personalities.

Hotel Management courses are career-oriented courses and train students to take on various roles in the hospitality industry. Career opportunities are abundant for hotel management graduates.

Apart from the college, the location of the college is of prime importance. Bhopal is in the central state of the country, with greenery all around. The living conditions are affordable making it an ideal choice for hotel management aspirants.

Hotel management colleges in Bhopal have the best infrastructure, teaching staff and placement opportunities making it a favoured location for students.

Jobs you can take up after your hotel management course completion


  • Hospitality administration and catering in the Hotel industry
  • Airline catering and cabin services
  • Club/Lodges/Guest House administration and catering
  • Cruise administration and catering
  • Hospital administration and catering
  • Hospitality and catering in armed forces
  • Kitchen management in hotel/educational institutions etc.
  • Hospitality services in MNCs
  • Catering services in railways, shipping companies, etc.
  • Marketing and sales executive in the hospitality business
  • Entrepreneur

 List of top hotel management colleges


  • People’s Institute of Hotel Management Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition
  • Institute of Hotel Management
  • Jagran Lakecity University
  • Sri Satya Sai University of Technology and Medical Sciences
  • Mansarovar Group of institutions

What To Expect From Hotel Management Colleges?


Colleges offering hotel management courses provide extensive curriculum and access to hands on training to help students be better prepared to take on the demands of the job.

Placement opportunities with the best hotels and other industries must be provided to help hotel management graduates have a flourishing and satisfying career.

Prepare for Excellence


Hotel management institutes must follow a curriculum that is a powerful mix of theory, real-life learning, industry perception and internationally valid concepts to give students a competitive edge. The role of a hospitality manager is complex and demanding, therefore, the curriculum must assist students to face tough situations with ease.

In-depth knowledge of hospitality operations with leadership, finance, and IT skills will make students ready to excel in every department

Superior Labs and Workshops


Hotel management colleges must be equipped with advanced food production labs including (Advanced Training Kitchen / Quantity Training Kitchen, Bakery Confectionery).

For instance, the People’s Institute of Hotel Management has labs and workshops such as Food Beverage Services (Training Restaurant / Mock Bar), Front Office Lab, Housekeeping Lab, Mock Bar Training Restaurant and a computer lab to provide a better understanding to the students enrolled for the hotel management course.

Placement Opportunities With Industry Leaders


Summer internships with the best in the hospitality industry can skyrocket a student’s career. Further placement opportunities with renowned hotels, airlines, cruise, and other employers can provide a satisfying career to them. Therefore, enrol in the best institute of hotel management Bhopal to leverage the benefits they give you to ignite a successful career trail.

Enrolling in the best college does not mean as a student you have to relax. Your hard work and the guidance of the hotel management college can do wonders for your career.