What is The Corneal Transplant Cost in Delhi?

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This article is about cornea transplant cost in Delhi. It gives information about cornea transplant surgery and its cost.

The transparent dome-shaped part of the eye is called the cornea. When this transparent eye part is removed and replaced with a new one, it is called corneal transplant. It is also known as corneal graft. This treatment is done to replace the damaged cornea with a healthy one. But this treatment procedure requires donor cornea. 

The eye donated on an eye bank is used for corneal treatment. The doctor uses only the healthy and problem-free corneal tissue for transplant surgery. And to do this treatment, one must find the best eye hospital in Delhi where the cost is affordable compared to the western countries and the treatment is done accurately.

Before getting into the details of corneal transplant cost in Delhi, let’s talk about certain important factors regarding corneal transplant.

What is a cornea transplant program?

It is known that healthy cornea is necessary for the normal functioning of the eye. When this cornea gets damaged due to any injury, ailment or diseases, the ophthalmologist may suggest a corneal transplant. If medications fail to bring any result, transplant remains the only best solution. 

Corneal transplant is also known as keratoplasty. It is a surgical method in which the damaged corneal tissue is removed and the donor cornea is transplanted. For the successful transplant operation, healthy donor cornea is needed. After the transplant program, the patient gets a better vision and also relieves from eye pain (if any).

When Is Corneal Transplant Recommended?

Several eye conditions are there that need a corneal transplant. It is mostly recommended for the following eye conditions:

 o Scarring in the cornea caused by turning off the eyelashes inward.

 o Scarring due to infection or eye injury.

 o Hereditary cause as the Fuch’s Fystrophy.

 o Cloudy or very hazy cornea.

 o Advanced keratoconus.

 o Ulcer in the cornea.

 o Irregular corneal shape and thin corneal surface.

 o Certain diseases or complications in the cornea.

 o Edema of the cornea.

 o Corneal failure due to cataract surgery.

Who Is Eligible For Corneal Transplant?

A healthy person is eligible for a corneal transplant program. Also, the candidate’s blood pressure and sugar level should be normal. Before the procedure is done the eye doctor will recommend for certain eye exams and health diagnoses. Depending on the reports of the tests, the doctor will proceed with the transplant operation.

To get this treatment done successfully, one must find an experienced cornea specialist in India. 

Cost Of Cornea Transplant

The cost of a cornea transplant varies. There are some factors that determine the cost of the transplant surgery and the most major one is the type of eye hospital you choose. The premium range clinics have transplant costs on the higher side. But you can also find some reputed and affordable eye hospitals in Delhi for your transplant surgery. If you compare with western countries like the US and UK, the cost in India is much less and the quality of service is also of world-class standard. 

So it depends upon the hospital you pick and the facilities they offer. Just make sure you do not compromise on the quality of treatment for the cost factor.