How to Fit Tyres Perfectly In Your Car?

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Tyres have a crucial role to play when it comes to driving. They keep grips from braking and supports the vehicle’s weight for a smooth drive. Whether it is an uneven road, stony tracks or bad weather, tyres have to withstand a lot. Since they are in direct contact with the road, they ar

There are a lot of services for tyres in Nottingham. People generally search for Tyres and Tyres Fitting Nottingham and find a variety of assistance in fitting new tyres.

But it is always best to get professional help who uses special tyres changing machines. TreadMark Wheels Tyres are one of them. They are the best service in replacing a tyre with a better one. They generally use a special machine called tyre changer for removing and mounting a tyre. It is fitted with a bead breaker and mounting arm. Without these, it is next to impossible to change a tyre safely.

Why changing a tyre is important?

If your tyre wears down to legal minimum tread depth of 1.6 millimetres, it states that old rubber is worn, and the new tyre is needed. This would help your tyre to form a grip and perform its function more efficiently than ever.

We must also understand that frequent mounting strains the rubber and the rim. This means it will affect the service life of your tyre. Therefore, it is better to change the complete wheel in every season.

How to replace an old tyre?

TreadMark Wheels Tyres gave some of the important points for changing a tyre—

Removing the old tyre

  1. The old tyre is removed before a new tyre can be pulled into the rim. Generally, the first stage is done manually. The mounting machine is used afterwards.
  2. Initially, the car needs to be jacked up so that a wheel can be removed from the axle. Then, by unscrewing the tyre valve, air must be released from the tyre. 
  3. Next, we use the mounting machine, so the bead breaker must detach the tyre wall from the rim. The professional will now position the bead breaker on the tyre and the rim and press down on it. The tyre is turned, and then the process is repeated. The dismantling step ensures that the inner ring of the tyre is pressed completely over the rim hump.
  1. The professional will clamp the rim in the mounting machine, removes the balance weights from the rim as well, and uses the

mounting lever to position the tyre bead over the mounting arm. Now just pushing a button is left. 

  1. Next, the mounting machine is made to rotate, and the tyre is pulled off the rim.

Tyres Mounting Process 

It is the process of removing the old tyres and replacing them with new ones. 

  1. Before pulling onto the new tyres Nottingham, the professional will check if the tyre size and age are correct. After that, the mounting process can be started.
  2. The professional will coat the tyre beads inside, and outside with tyre mounting paste to make tyre pulling easier. 
  3. The rim is clamped in the mounting machine and the mounting arm is used to position the lower tyre flank in the inside upper edge.
  4. The mounting machine is then rotated so that the tyre is pulled onto the rim.
  5. This process is repeated for the upper tyre flank.
  6. To ensure that the tyre is firmly seated, the tyre under the rim is pressed simultaneously. The tyre is now filled with air, this would ensure that the tyre beads are pressed against the rim, and no more air can escape.
  7. Next, the tyre will be inflated with air to the stipulated style pressure and shut the tyre valve.

An important point to note

After the mounting procedure, it is important to fit a small balancing weight on the rim. It will compensate for any possible tyre imbalance and prevents steering wheel vibrations. 

It will also increase the mileage and driving comfort.