Why Every Couple must Visit Peru at Least Once?

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Here are 5 reasons why every couple must visit Peru at least once:

Gone are the days when honeymoon meant beaches and sunset, coupled with cocktails and margarita with a romantic dinner to complement your vacation. These days, it’s all about conquering one mountain after another with your soulmate. And when it comes to trekking and hiking, nothing matches the honeymoon spot better than Peru as not only is it a wonderful place to see, but it also encourages several hikers from around the world to attain high peaks. Before you open the wallets and start booking Trekking tours in Peru, there’s one advice: don’t forget to list at least 5 amazing mountain destinations in Peru. And then decide what the best destination for you is. Let’s get started and get you the required wisdom that you need to bring to this majestic country in South America.

Here are 5 reasons why every couple must visit Peru at least once:

  • Machu Picchu

The extraordinary quality of this place is that it’s an archeological site that holds so much of history in its aura. Be it agricultural terraces or simply it being a UNESCO world heritage site, the hike up the Incas is truly worthwhile. Hitch your partner to a hiking trail and walk together towards one of the highest Peruvian Andes that stands 20 thousand feet above the sea level. There’s more: plan a bit of Inca Jungle tour so that you can enjoy biking, rafting and zip-lining on your triptoo. Peru trekking tours can also guide you through other Machu Picchu adventures.

  • Wiñay Wayna

Once you’ve traveled the vast landscape of Machu Picchu, there’s more awaiting you to enthrall your senses. Wiñay Wayna lies in the Inca trail area and before you end your pilgrimage and hike to the Incan landscape, Peru trekking packages may stop you mid-way to witness the beauty of this site. Overlooking majestic valleys of South America, this place has several flowers and trees lined up so that you can paint the scenery if you’re a painter!

  • Patallaqta

This trekking site holds many folktales about the quests of outsiders and as you walk up the trails of Patallaqta expect to witness some sites that hold historical significance too. Go for a pit-stop here if you want to see the archeological feats of mankind, as they are plenty in this area.

  • Vinicunca

Nothing really matters when you take a hike up the rainbow! That’s right! One of the popular trekking spots on Earth also happens to be multicolored due to its mineral composition. If your partner asks you to have a colorful trip, just bring them to Vinicunca in Peru as it has several colored minerals that make the mountains look multi-hued. It’s a sight to behold and will prove to be in your memory for ages.

  • Ausangate

If you’re into Alpacas, then go for this hike. The trekking of Ausangate can take a few days and but the remote sensing can really amaze you. Your hiking isn’t going to be all about climbing and walking. As a few pastoralist gatherings will try to sell you their charming handicrafts too! Keep an eye for limestone forests as they deserve a few pictures that you can take as for postcards from Peru. The valleys and hills that surround the area are equally abundant in beauty. Go for Ausangate if you don’t mind your treks to last more than a few days. And get a chance to dig deeper into Incan mythology as you’ll find plenty of stories there, obviously told by the remaining few pastors with their Alpacas.