6 Steps to Think and Act Like a Millionaire - Mind-set of Millionaires

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6 Steps to Think and Act Like a Millionaire - Mind-set of Millionaires

Does Mark Zuckerberg’s brain works like a central hub for millions of equations?

This is what we think goes around the mind-set of MILLIONAIRES 24/7. True, right?

Let’s get this straight!

Even millionaires think like every other human. Now, if they think just like every other ordinary person then, how in the world are they MILLIONAIRES??

Is it talent? Are they god-gifted? Do they have special superpowers?

Who knows!!

Well, I do. And worry not, I’ll be sharing all the interesting yet, over-hyped facts and skills of a millionaire. And if you are thinking million dollars are out of your reach? Think again!

Can My Thinking Match With a Millionaire?

Why not? Both are human beings, right? With the same brain!

The only difference is the working of our brains and thoughts. All you need to do is change the thinking process towards money and you won’t see a millionaire status far away again.

What do millionaires actually think about?

Quadric Equations

Chemical Reactions

Einstein’s Theories


How to use black magic and win all the money of the entire world!!

Probably not! Because there are several stages where we lack to think like a smart millionaire. We tend to lose interest in finding something very simple or very complex because we do mediocre stuff and cry for not being rich enough like Bill Gates.

Sometimes the smallest things get you on the topmost seat, and the complexity you are facing in one phase might be your golden key for a treasure you might get by not giving up. All you need to do is change your thinking style and perception of making money.

It cost $0.00 to think like a millionaire!

But we are surrounded by some myths on making money which holds us back from opportunities we should jump on.

The six basic yet, powerful steps that can change our whole thinking and acting process when it comes to money are what we need in life to succeed.

1.  Let's get rid of some myths

The two most hyped myths of the century that stops us in even thinking about making more money are the ultimate barrier in our success.

Being a successful writer requires no special skills and anyone can write. WRONG! Even the professional press release writing service is a thing that is acquired by giant brands from writing platforms. Myths are everywhere! Talking about money:

Wanting More Money is Evil

Society sends multiple conflicting messages on desires and goals. Wanting more of anything is not bad. More money, more success, more happiness, and more love is the right of every being. This myth revolves the most around money.


Let’s get one thing clear. You are an ethical, honest person who is doing no bad in wanting money to enhance your lifestyle. You should thank GOD for whatever you are blessed with but praying and wanting for more is not a sin.

Besides, the more, the merrier.

I have to be Lucky

Do you really think Jack Ma was lucky when KFC hired all the other 5 candidates and he was the one left behind? Luck might work for a short-term base but you need more than luck to survive in the money market. Sustained wealth requires hard work.

The hyped concern that “I have to be lucky to become a millionaire” has no logical means. Luck is just a small part of a big achievement. It’s a single cherry on your well-frosted cake.

2.  Slay the Fear like a Pro

Devaluation of dollars or euros. Retail industry meeting temporary clashes. These meltdowns are seen as classic opportunities by millionaires. As scary as it seems to use these factors as your opportunities to make money are what keeps us behind. We need to lose the fear of losing to get what we desire. Taking a risk and handling it like a pro is what we need to work on. Most millionaires invest 20% of their income annually. Start slaying those jet-lagged fears!

3.  Do Smart Work Rather Than Hard Work

Adding pebbles to the bowl of water would’ve taken longer for a crow than grabbing a straw from somewhere and drinking the water much quicker and easier, rather than the collection and dropping of pebbles into a bowl of water.

This is the most common example of hard work and smart work.

Millionaires or billionaires are found to believe in smart work. Every coin has two sides. If you think doing one specific task can be done only in one way, you are ignoring the other side, my friend. There is always another way which is the smart way!

4.  Be Ahead of the Curve

Do you travel in the middle of the pack? Why not out in front? That’s what you need. You need to step out of your comfort zone and prove yourself how strong you might be. Don’t just travel ahead of the crowd but lead the whole pack yourself.

Don’t hold back to invest somewhere you think is suitable and will be profitable because nobody else is doing it. Do heavy research and gather facts and if you think it will be beneficial for you than just ignore the crowd and invest for own good.

Make a poker move and win it all!

5.  Think Twice Before Spending

The true millionaires always think before purchase about its implication on their over-all finances. Yes, there are celebrities who are filthy rich and blow their fortunes on giant mansions, private jets or islands but, are they wise to do so?

Plan for the next! It should be your motto for dreaming heights in money. Make a smart purchase.

6.  Maintain the Millionaire Mind-Set to Become One

Even if you are not a millionaire YET, start acting like one! But don’t take it out on the money you already have by spending on useless stuff but, by using it cleverly. Follow the outline and step out of your bubble.

  • Seek new opportunities
  • Start saving money
  • Make wise investments
  • Have consistency
  • Stay positive
  • Be grateful humble


Start with changing your thoughts and your sub-conscious will automatically help you in creating motivating thoughts. Just stay updated to what’s happening around you and how it impacts anything which should be taken into concern.

Be persistent, your idea of where to go is vital to hold on. Good luck!

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Sara Hampton is a qualified journalist with traveling dreams. Completed her masters in arts journalism from the School of Communication the Arts from Regent University. She is known for writing informative content and also provides amazing professional CV writing services at Content Majestic.