How to start blogging and earn money in 2020

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This is detailed on how to earn money by a blog.

The blog is simply a personal mini-site that people make to share their ideas and expressions through stories, photos, videos, and write-ups. Blogging is a wide term and came into existence with the rise of the internet. Blogging is really popular among the younger generation, as you can easily share your thoughts with the help of this platform. Being a part of the digital era, digital marketing is a common term that everyone is aware of. Blogging is also one of the parts of online marketing. Suppose you are from Delhi and when you join the Digital Marketing Course in Delhi then you get to know how blogging is in demand for making money.

About Blog

We all have different thoughts, expressions, and ideas. But when it comes to expressing ideas it becomes an issue for everyone as we all have different ways to express it. Likewise, someone is good at writing, then the other one is good at speaking. Similarly, if you have got a good sense of photos then you can share it too with Blogging. This is the platform where people share their different talents in different ways. Making money with blogging is in trends as people rely on the internet to get information. Bloggers are earning well with their interests. 

Blogging Lifted in a Great way

The term blogging came into existence when the reach of social media became high. People started sharing their ideas through pictures, writing up or videos to help and entertain others. Similarly, it has become a trend for the younger generation to be bloggers. Everyone wants to earn money through the field of their interests and blogging is one such platform through which you can get name and fame too.

How to be a Blogger?

If you find blogging interesting and you also want to earn money in the year 2020 through blogging then you have to follow some guidelines to be a blogger. And they are as follows:

  •  Choose a Good blogging Niche

choose the area or subject for blogging. It means on what subject topic you want to deliver your idea. After that choose a blogging platform where you want to share your ideas. 

  • Select a domain name 

You have to choose a domain name that means your website address through which a user can access your site. It is mandatory to choose a good domain name so that users will find it easy to remember.

  • Get a Web Hosting 

Now get web hosting to assist your website with services and technologies that are needed to view your website. Hosting is important as the websites are stored within the server when a user types the domain name of your website he can easily reach your website.

  • Start Sharing Your Ideas

You have to start stuffing content on your website to reach potential audiences. You should be an active blogger to be a popular one.

You can also promote your website through social media platforms, on-page and off-page to attract genuine traffic on your website. In on-page SEO you optimize your website for a good ranking on SERP. Off-page SEO is done to promote your website through a third-party website and it results in good traffic. When your website starts getting at the top of SERP, you’ll start making money with it.

Is blogging good to make Money?

Does this question come to every individual’s mind before starting a blog as to whether it is good for making money or not? or is there any limit to profit? The answer is yes, blogging is one of the best ways to earn money if you are passionate about your blog. All you need to do is deliver your content on time to the audience. And there is no limit or your profit in blogging. The more you work, the more you get!

Blogging is Still Popular

Its year 2020 and if you want to be a blogger but you have a question in your mind that, is blogging still popular? Then you must know that blogging is trending the market. People are finding it interesting and exciting to earn money by just expressing and sharing their interests with other people. The best part of blogging is, it doesn’t matter whether you are a housewife, working professional or student you can start your blog anytime, anywhere. 


If you are looking forward to starting a blog in the year 2020 to earn money then it could be the best choice for you, if you work with passion and enthusiasm. Also if you want to get detailed information about blogging, what are the strategies through which you can reach your website at the top of SERP join Digital Edge Institute. Here you get to learn the different techniques to optimize your content according to the search engine, that helps your website in ranking.