What are custom mailer boxes?

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Present your brand in front of the consumer with high-quality, engaging mailer packaging. It benefits you in your brand promotion, and people recognize your product from its unique packaging.

For a growing and successful business, there is always this tough question of choosing the right packaging. In e-commerce, shipping is one of the most influencing factors on the total cost of the business.


As the name suggests, custom mailer boxes are the boxes that are customizable, regular and rigid and with hinged lids. These lids then again can be customized inside and out. While their primary usage is for packaging and shipping products that are small in size, they come in all sizes and are intended to fit in on your product irrespective of how big they are.


Finding the right packaging box for mailing could be more challenging than you may think. It is where custom mailer boxes got you covered. Along with providing you with the perfect size for your product, they could very well be marketing blockbuster due to their customization ability. They can further your presence in the market and could prove to be the investment that all but pays for itself.

Furthermore, the companies also look for packaging that meets the demands of customers. So, to cut the price and to comply with the requirements of customers, there has to be an innovative yet affordable solution. It is where the custom mailer packaging comes in the equation. There are always a few factors to consider before making your choice. Check out some of those factors:



  • Cost


As with anything, the cost is still considered to be the first and foremost. Since the primary intention of a business is to cut its total cost, you should choose a packaging that reduces your expenditure. While ordering your packaging from the manufacturer, you should have a vivid idea about what exactly you want out from the packaging. It is because everything that you are looking for from your packaging will affect the final cost of it.


  • Size


When we talk about customization, size is the epitome of it. You can mostly have any size you want out from the mailer boxes per your product requirement. The size of a box is also crucial in the safety of product while it is still in transit. If a box doesn’t fit the size of the product, it could be more vulnerable to external forces and may perish.

Over and above, the size will then again impact the cost. An extravagant size that is bigger than the product itself will cost you unnecessarily. Similarly, it will affect your customer experience and will do negative marketing for the brand.



  • Design


Branded mailer boxes come in all designs and shapes. They are designed in just about every way possible. Are you looking for solid colour boxes or you want something about your company printed on them? Do you want to garner the ultimate user experience and want to surprise your customers by writing something inside the box?

From the perspective of branding, there is just no limit to options that you can go with. Your bulk product in wholesale mailer boxes will be cost-effective as well as it will play a major role in making your brand stand out.


Be it the design, the size, shape, or any further add-on; they will be directly influencing the cost. So, to begin with, you should know what you are looking for. This way, you will be able to elaborate on it to your manufacturer and will have an exact idea of the cost that you are going to incur.


  • Custom mailer boxes or No Boxes?



Many businesses today are using different ways of packaging. Do your products require custom mailer boxes or any other boxes for shipping the product? Do you even need the boxes in the first place? Many businesses are now extensively using eco-friendly bags.


It is not just crucial for branding and retaining existing customers. Think about how many additional pairs of eyes will have a look at your custom boxes throughout the transit of your product. You may as well end up with many new customers and increase the bottom line of your business. You are missing out big time in this sector if you are still using plain brown and white boxes for shipping your product.