Benefits And Features Of Automated Traffic Management

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The need of the hour is the automated traffic management system. It is a platform for traffic management that covers monitoring, control and, safety on highways.

Traffic congestion is one of the critical problems in big cities and towns. This happens due to the increase in the number of vehicles and the majority of people prefer using their cars instead of public transportation.  Another reason for the increase in  traffic congestion is the rise in population. Traffic jam has a tremendous impact on the life of people. Road accidents every year cause great financial havoc. Jams are not only frustrating, adds to air pollution that is bad for our climate as well as our health. The need of the hour is the automated traffic management system. It is a platform for traffic management that covers monitoring, control and, safety on highways. It is a system of centrally controlled traffic signals and sensors that will regulate the flow of traffic throughout the city. This advanced system can help improve  transportation in numerous ways.

  • Traffic control and safety: An efficient transport system allows traffic lights to respond to changing patterns. Smart traffic systems are a revolution as they are helpful in traffic control and congestion. They are also helpful in reducing pollution and accidents. These monitoring systems collect information on visibility, wind speed, rainfall, road conditions, etc. This information is used to upgrade warning signs and speed limits.
  • Parking management: Parking of vehicles at illegal places contributes to crowded, dangerous city streets and creates problems for others. The automatic system will help in the improvement of traffic flow. Smart systems help to scan parked vehicles and communicate with parking meters to locate and record illegally parked vehicles. Smart systems can help in smooth and hassle-free parking of vehicles.
  • Reduces congestion, air- pollution and fuel consumption: With the introduction of an automated traffic management system, all the problems can be solved. Smart traffic signals improve traffic flow. Smart traffic lights help drivers by suggesting them to maintain a proper speed such that they reach the next traffic light when it is green. With the reduction of congestion on roads, there is a decrease in the air pollution. With the maintenance of speed on the roads and highways fuel can also be saved.
  • Reduction in accidents: With the help of smart lights and sensors, the speed of vehicles can be controlled. Reduction of speed helps in avoiding accidents as an increase in the speed multiplies the risk of an accident and severity of injury during the accident.
  • Saves time and money: Traffic congestion cost us time, money and health. If the traffic management system is enhanced, it will help in executing the traffic-related tasks much easier. A Smart traffic management system will save both time and money.

Software features :

  • Works with IP cameras or converted analog cameras.
  • Reads the plate of a vehicle at speed of upto120km/hour. ANPR system has proven to be an asset for traffic management safety.
  • It enables searching by cameras and advanced filters. It makes use of Ethernal I/O modules which allows closing and opening of gates.
  • Data acquisition equipment and data storage device.
  • Automatic traffic counter and classifier which works on IR technology.
  • Command and control center
  • The mobile radio communication system comprises of mobile radio-based stations and handheld devices for verbal communication.
  • CCR facilitates user to control traffic system by providing real-time traffic data.

Other steps to avoid traffic congestion:

Ridesharing: By sharing rides with other people traveling in the same direction, traffic can be controlled. By carpooling 3-4 persons can travel together. This can reduce the number of vehicles and thus road congestion. There are some apps also like Uber, OLA through which one can take share rides. The carpooling method also helps in saving money and fuel.

Utilize public transportation: Instead of using your cars you can make use of buses and trains. They are quite economical and fast. Public transport is a good choice as you can travel stress-free and don’t need to worry about road updates. It is also good for your budget as you will be paying less money and along with this you can read some book or novel.

Speed humps and roundabouts: If humps are built in the city all the vehicles will slow down. Thus, drivers will reduce speed. This is the reason speed humps are built nearby schools and colleges. When people travel along the roundabouts they decrease the speed of that vehicle.

Drone method: It is an unmanned aircraft made up of light composite material. Drones are controlled by remote ground control systems. It is also known as the cockpit. It is an unmanned aerial vehicle used for delivery services. Amazon is on the way to introduce a new and fastest way to deliver their goods to consumers. Through this system delivery of goods can be provided within an hour or two. It will reduce the number of transits on the road thereby reducing traffic congestion. It is environment- friendly as it saves both money and fuel.

GPS tracking: By installing a GPS tracking system you can analyze your route history and you will be able to know alternative routes that you can take in case an accident takes place at a road or there is a traffic jam. Now apps can also analyze traffic intensity and calculate fastest routes.

The Continuous growth of population and increased amount of vehicles all over the country are a great challenge to the transport management systems. The conventional methods are no longer effective for solving complex problems of traffic jams. Thanks to the technology which has made our life easy-peasy and gifted us with traffic management software that can solve all the major problems related to traffic jams and help in smooth traffic flow. Computer vision systems are more flexible, less invasive, more robust and easier to maintain. Though these smart traffic management system can tackle many of the traffic problems there is a need to change our habits also. All the citizens should follow the traffic rules and keep in mind the steps that can minimize traffic chaos. If we as the Indian citizens co-operate and join hands with the government, this problem can easily be solved. The government should install these smart control systems in all the towns and cities of India. This will be another step in the development of our country.