PS4 Games 2 - Things You Should to Before Playing It

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We are doing all we can to keep our list current ,making sure we are showing all the best PS4 game deals deals available.

The PS4 release date is the 29th of November and with many shops and outlets hitting their pre-order allocation you need to get in NOW if you want one on the day of release. We are doing all we can to keep our list current ,making sure we are showing all the best PS4 game deals available. Pre order your PS4 with us and make sure you are getting the best deal.

  1. GameSeek

Wow! GameSeek are currently our number one deal, offering the new PlayStation at an amazeballs £339.75. With a release date of the 29th of November you can Pre Order Your Playstation 4 here and be sure you are getting the best deal. GameSeek are the UK and Europe’s number 1 internet shop selling consoles, games and DVD’s. but their current PS4 console deal seems to be very good.

  1. Zavvi

Well if you thought ShopTo where offering a big discount wait till you see this. A HUGE £5 off! Zavvi are now taking pre orders for the PS4 and will not actually take any payment until the unit id dispatched. Again Zavvi will deliver for free to the UK but do not ship outside the UK. Zavvi are offering a price promise with their orders saying “Pre-order Price Promise: Order this product with us today and if we reduce the price between taking your order and the release date, we will charge you the lower price!” Zavvi are a great company and offer quick and easy ordering. People that use Zavvi often stay and order the games too which are often well priced too.

  1. Amazon

After initially offering pre orders of the PS4 at £600 Amazon have now reduced their price to the RRP of £349. Amazon have promised that if there is another price reduction between the pre order price and the launch price that they will refund the difference. Amazon do ask for the full price up front and do not allow a reservation fee. Amazon also offer a gift wrap service for those looking to place orders for Christmas or birthdaysWe will have the very best deals on the PS4, taking pre orders and packaging the best priced deals across the web! The PS4 has been 7 years in the making but now it is finally here. We understand the rush but the Best PS4 deals come to those who wait and choose the right package. The Playstation 4 has been priced to sell, we offer the very best place to buy your PS4. The fun begins here!

New Playstation Network

The PSN platform, or Playstation Network for those less familiar has taken on many new improved characteristics. For less than $5 a month you can become a member of the PS Plus network giving you access to advanced on line gaming features. 95% of customers are very happy with the memberships increasing by 140% a month. Your current PS3 membership will carry over to the PS4 and will include access to the Instant Game Collection (IGC). In here you have access to download new triple A rated games whilst continuing your game play. The power of the PS4 allows back ground downloads and updates with out affecting the gaming experience.
PS4 Release Launch Info

7 Long Years in the waiting, but the hugely popular guys at Sony have finally put their expertise together and brought out a new age console that blows its rivals off the planet. Here we are finally happy to announce the launch of the new PS4, Playstation 4 is out there… Check out our review, but more importantly get you one before they go. The PS4 has too many advances to list in a short space of time but we have tried to highlight some of the main functions. The new improved on line gaming will be much quicker and easy to use. There are 140 PS4 games in development with 100 due to be release in the first 12 months. The new technology that drive the PS4 makes it the most powerful console in the world , plus Sony have managed to get the price down below its main rival the X Box. Sony are releasing the PS4 at £349.

Major Visual Advance

The PS4 is going to have some huge improvements, but none more so visually obvious than the new digitalised control pad. The history of the Playstation Control pad has been pretty much unchanged over the years as it pretty much works. However, with the launch of the PS4 come the new PS4 Control Pad. This pad has a digital display giving important info at a glance. It can be set to display various info but will default to that that is deemed most important. The slick new design of the PS4 is cutting edge with sharp edges and straight lines, this is in contrast to the more curved PS3.

Cheaper yet More Powerful

Sony have kept the price of the PS4 to an absolute minimum. Not only does it out perform its main rival the X Box, but it is also significantly cheaper. Prices in the UK are expected at £349 with the US getting it for $399. This is a lot of kit for the price most insider and tech wizards are saying. Other advantages are that all PS3 games are fully compatible, as is you PS Plus membership. There are also some huge game releases lined up at the same time. The demos of these could be seen at the press release, a few of the highlights were shown on the big screen for people to see with their own eyes the enormous capabilities of the PS4.bhaiya