Five essential tips to hire a good general contractor

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Keep them in mind when hiring an agency to do the renovation work. But this does not mean you have a big budget to hire a good renovation contractor. There are many who provide quality services at reasonable costs.

A well-constructed house is worth every bit of time, the effort made and of course the money spent on it. So it is extremely important to make sure that the quality of the materials supplied is sufficient and the professionals and workers involved are skillful and experienced in their respective job.

But when you hire a good general contractor in Baltimore, you do not have to worry about anything. But how one can do that? To make sure you choose the right general contractor for you, here are a few of what you should do.

Make a list of what to be done

Being a homeowner, you first need to decide on the changes you want to make to your house, and how much you can spend for that.

Keep them in mind when hiring an agency to do the renovation work. But this does not mean you have a big budget to hire a good renovation contractor. There are many who provide quality services at reasonable costs.

Ask people around for recommendations, check online reviews and check with the Maryland Home Improvement Commission.

Once have done with things to be done as well as the budget, now you need to search for contractors. The best way to start is by contacting your friends or relatives and asking them to provide you with some good recommendations if they can for licensed contractors.

If that does not suit you, you can choose to search online. In a fraction of time, you will have hosts of options matching your needs. But before you hire the one, there are some important things to do such as checking the kind of projects they have done, cost, reviews of customers who they have previously worked with. Ask for a minimum of 10 referrals that you can talk about their work and if they would hire them again.

Call Maryland Home improvement Commission to check if they are licensed and if they have complainers against them and lastly ask for general liability insurance and workers compensation certificates.

Ask a few questions before hiring

  • Has the owner been in the remodeling industry for more than 16 years, and has your company successfully completed more than 1,000 home improvement projects?
  • Do you follow a design-build process to help clients with design ideas, and to enable them to better control the outcome and final cost of their project?
  • Do you have a large showroom where clients can see cabinets, hardware, fixtures, tile and other materials that will be used in their project?
  • Will you supply clients with at least 50 local references they can call?
  • Do you maintain $2 Million of Liability, $1 million Commercial Vehicle $300,000 of Workers Comp. insurance to protect clients and their property?
  • Are you properly registered as a Home Improvement Contractor in the State of Maryland?
  • Do you have letters of good standing from your business bank and key local trade suppliers?
  • Do you have detailed, written building processes for kitchens, bathrooms, and additions describing exactly the steps you will follow in completing my project?
  • Do you provide a two-year workmanship warranty?
  • Do you have a firm policy to return all calls within a few hours and, at latest, within 24 hours on normal business days?
  • Do you provide clients with access to an online project tracking application, and do you upload photos and updates daily?
  • Do your agreements provide approximate start and completion dates in writing?
  • Do you keep records of all materials and colors used in the projects you complete?
  • Do you provide comprehensive, fixed price proposals that provide for all aspects of our project, including plans, permits and all materials necessary to complete the project, and detailing contingencies and allowances?

When you have prepared a list of potential candidates, interview each of them, asking some important questions. Ask if there are any hidden costs. It is better you prepare a list of questions to ask so you do not miss to ask anything that is important for you to know.

Get quotes from the right contractors

You have the choice to invite contractors to bid for your project. As you are looking for the best contractor for your project, don’t settle for the lower bid. Settle for the correct design, correct materials and for high-quality workmanship. How many times are you planning to do your remodeling again? Yes, just one so do it right.

Protect yourself from disputes and scams

There are many homeowners and construction clients who are not happy with the experience they have with a general contractor that was unlicensed or bad workmanship.

If you do not want that to happen to you, if you want that your contractor delivers their promise, it is important to discuss everything to be done and get them mentioned in the contract. So in case your contractor fails or deny doing anything mentioned in the contract, you have the proof to take an action again them. But this will not happen if you choose the reputed contractor like TradeMark Construction, a leading general contractor providing quality services for all types of the renovation project.