Get a Fine Dining Experience at Iranian Restaurant in Dubai

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This article is all about experiencing Fine Dining at Iranian Restaurant in Dubai

Dubai surely seems to be a heaven for food lovers. There are plenty of good restaurants that serve authentic dishes from almost all the cuisines of the world. If you are a fan of Iranian cuisine and are looking for some good Iranian restaurants in Dubai, here is something to help you out.

Here is a list of some of the most popular restaurants in Dubai that serve Iranian food and are rated well because of their overall features: -


  • Shabestan - Radisson Blu Hotel Dubai Deira plays live music to make your dining experience better and memorable. Also, it even has a luxury dining option to make your day more memorable for you. You must try Iranian Bread, Iranian Tea and Chelo Kebab at this restaurant.


  • Greens N Grills serves healthy food, burgers and kebabs besides serving regular Iranian food. It even has a gluten-free and vegan dining option making this restaurant an excellent place for the fitness freaks. Lentil Soup, Saffron Rice, Grilled Chicken and Grilled Salmon of this restaurant are quite famous.


  • The Collective by Market Café - Grand Hyatt Dubai is another fantastic restaurant that you can visit to enjoy Iranian food, Arabian, Middle Eastern and even American dishes. It is a kid-friendly place and also has an outdoor seating option. Do not miss trying the seafood, creme brulee and pasta at this restaurant.


  • Farsi Restaurant is a casual dining restaurant that serves a variety of Kebabs and delicious Iranian food. You should try Kebab Torsh, Chelo Kebab, Koobideh and lamb at this restaurant.


  • Shiraz Nights is known to serve amazing Iranian, Middle Eastern and Arabian food. One of the most popular dishes of this restaurant is Spicy Chicken Shawarma enjoyed by almost everyone who loves having spicy food.


  • Enigma - Palazzo Versace Dubai is another Iranian restaurant in Dubai that you would love to visit with your loved ones. It even has a full bar available and has both indoor and outdoor seating options. You should try lamb, salad and wine at this restaurant.


  • Sadaf is a kid-friendly Iranian restaurant and does not serve alcohol. It even has a buffet dining option which makes it an excellent place for food. You would love to have Joojeh Masti, Iranian Tea, Fattoush and Lamb at this restaurant.


  • Taste of Persia is another popular restaurant in Dubai that has a buffet dining option and serves some Iranian seafood food. If you are visiting this restaurant, you cannot miss trying Salad Shirazi, Iranian Bread, Iranian Tea, Chicken Kebab, Saffron Rice and Lamb Chops.


  • Al Sarab Rooftop Lounge - Bab Al Shams Desert Resort Spa Al Qudra has a fantastic nightlife and plays live music to lift your mood and spirits while you are having a meal here. It even has a rooftop dining option available, making the restaurant great for romantic dinner dates. Besides Iranian, it also serves Arabian and Middle Eastern cuisines. If you are a tea-lover, make sure that you do not miss out on trying Moroccan tea at this restaurant.