Parental Guide to Managing Stress on Your Teenage Child

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Teenage years are the most important years in the lifecycle of a human being. It is the span of human life, which starts from around 13 old and ends when we are 18 years old. It is the time when we remain kids no more, and we start learning about our society and start forming our own choices, likes, and dislikes. It is also the time when there are some expectations made from us from our parents like helping them in their day-to-day activities. Also, we start making friends and start feeling attracted to the people of the opposite gender. It is the span of human life where every boy/girl undergoes certain changes in his body, which are also called puberty.

It is the stage of life where humans become more attracted to the so-called ‘hi-fi’ attractions of the society like going for a whole night party with friends in a bar, asking a girl to go out on a date, going for cinemas, trying out alcohol, cigarettes and sometimes even drugs, buying all the latest gadgets like costly mobiles. We generally tend to idolize the filmstars as our dream idol and start behaving and dressing like them.

But this is where the unknown danger lies. Nowadays, we hear a lot of children in their teenage years taking their own lives due to stress. As a parent, it becomes utmost important to monitor our children so that our children do not meet such a horrible fate. So your child not suffer from anxiety. When any person surface this problem that time, you have to treat them. You can use Etilaam, Etizolam, Etizex and Etizest tablet for stress and anxiety. We should show our compassion, care, love, mental support and behave with our children as if they are our friends. Remember never to react in anger, scold them or beat them in front of a large gathering or especially in front of their friends as it could make them do such terrible acts. It is time of human life where we generally become highly sensitive and become contagious, i.e. like living with friends and people we love.

What causes teenage stress?

There could be various causes if your child is suffering from stress during their teenage years. Some people may think that stress is only related when becoming adults and have to take certain responsibilities. But stress can be caused in any human regardless of stress. It could be related to their school life, psychological reasons, burden related to puberty, financial reasons, problems in the family, etc. Some of them are given below-

Career decisions

Your children might be taking too much pressure due to the uncertainty in the future and unable to select the right career path.

Dating and friendships

If any girl they like to reject being friends, it could cause stress and anxiety. It is one of the most common in teenagers these days. It is also the reason behind the suicide cases among teenagers.

Experimenting with sex

Whether a boy or a girl, any teenager will have to crave and hunger for having sex due to puberty. Many resorts to watching porn and get addicted to it as it is easily available on the internet.

Use of drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes

It is also one of the common causes of teenage stress. Every teenager is curious to have a taste of cigarettes or drink alcohol. Excessive use always causes damage to the lungs and heart as the addiction grows.

Dealing with the changes due to puberty

There could be stress due to changes and development in certain body parts, which happen in puberty. Various hormones like testosterone in males and estrogen in females are released during these years, which bring about the changes. Females may find it more difficult due to adapt to the menstruation cycle.

Being bullied and harassed by some other teenager

It is quite common that teens are bullied or harassed in school by older students.

Packed up schedules from morning to night

If your child is busy from day to night attending schools, going for tuitions or sports or extra-curricular activities, it could lead to stress as he/she is not able to mingle with friends and society.

How to deal with it being a parent?

The best way is to cure teenage stress is to show empathy and compassion. Make yourself a friend of your teenage child, and try to think for his perspective and judge your decisions accordingly.

Here are some ways which might help to recover your child from teenage stress-

Build trust with your child

Do not get blown away by anger and react violently. Instead, try to handle the situation in a calm manner so that your child understands their fault.

Spend time with them

Sometimes parents are very busy, and despite the child trying to discuss something with their parents are not able to do so. Go for a vacation or go for an outing in a park or near a lake and try to make them open and talk freely with you.

Bad effects of drugs

Make your child understand the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol before they start to experiment with it. Do not make the mistake of drinking or smoking in front of them as they would turn more curious about it.

Educate about menstrual changes

If your child is a girl, then the mothers can educate them about puberty, the changes associated with it, and how to deal with the stress and pressure.

Talk about sex

You can also talk to them about love and sex. Make them understand that it is the time that they may grow a liking for a boy or a girl. They should approach such situations very carefully, and even if they have sex, they should use safety measures like condoms. If you interested for more detail about treatment of anxiety and depression, then redirect here.

Being a parent to teenage children is never easy. You have to adapt to unique ways to make them talk and share their feeling with you. Unless you are able to change yourself, how do you expect these children to make the change and adapt? It is difficult for them too. Make sure to teach your child how to deal with stress.