How to know that it’s time to replace the RO membrane of your filter?

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For a reverse osmosis system is critical part the RO membrane. It is a thin, microscopic pores film, used in the RO elements to remove contaminated with biological matter, mineral accumulation, insoluble organic contaminants and colloidal particles in normal operation.

The membrane, in addition to contamination, may become obstructed in such a way that the dissolved salt can be effectively eliminated, the water supply filtered, or both of which can drop. That is why most RO purifiers designed for household use have a UV purification feature to avoid contamination chances. There is a common question in everyone’s mind that when to replace the RO membrane of a filter. The provider of RO repair service in Ghaziabad has brought this blog to help you understand better.

  1. Poor water quality

If you find that the quality of water is not up to the mark and water is a bit smelly, then there is a time that you need to get the RO membrane changed. Poor taste and unpleasant smell in the water is intolerable, so get your Ro repaired now!

  1. Reduced water pressure

If the pressure of water in your RO water purifier is reduced, then you need to get RO membrane changed from a certifier RO technicians. The pressure of water is completely related to the membrane and it gets essential to get it replaced on time.

  1. The membrane is old

Every 6-9 months pre-filter should be changed. If the pre-filter is not properly kept or timed, it may deflate or become blocked so that the RO membranes are not protected.

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