How to Follow a Healthy Mental Diet

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The chef must be attentive to maximum preparation, and dinner must be slow
Chew the protein, watch the bites carefully, enjoy healthy activity.

I have never liked the word or the term "diet" because it implies something that is only temporary.


Let's put this nutrition plan into action. They make him permanent and rename him.


Come over to dinner.


1-Healthy conditions for food preparation and good food


I started planning today's "food" by consulting yesterday's diary, my recipe book.


Yesterday was good, with the right mix of ingredients, good preparation, mindful food, productivity, rest and exercise.


Come on.


A well-lit, spacious, neat kitchen and dining area are a must.


Emptiness is the most surprising soothing quality of mind I've ever found.


So let us sit and be mindful. When your mind is empty, it is well lit, and new thoughts and feelings can be easily recognized.


An empty mind provides a clean and dry floor to keep the chef and diner in balance.


The cook must be attentive and attentive.


Not judgmental, not critical, only attentive.


Remember, this is a meal together, but also a template for a healthy daily life


2 protein


These elements do not have to be in a specific order.


Mindful productivity is the protein or fuel for mental activity that prevents both hesitation and obsession.


The chef must be attentive to maximum preparation, and dinner must be slow

Chew the protein, watch the bites carefully, enjoy healthy activity.


Part of this mental protein is of course regular training plus necessary tasks.




Please take the plate.


Creativity is essential to one's livelihood, and the equivalent in the world of food is whole-grain products.

This class of foods that satisfies, but because of the difficulty of decomposing them, helps them to lose weight and provides important fuels.


Contemplation, structured or not, are the fruits and vegetables of the diet, providing essential nutrients and the healthiest forms of sugar.




Do not be put off by the idea of ​​fats.


Fats are extremely important.


They provide insulation and temperature regulation.


Fats provide energy and support the absorption of vitamins and the production of hormones.


Authentic emotions are the fat of a balanced mental diet in terms of life.


Too much fat in the form of spurious emotions forces our psychic body to work too hard to be healthy and perform the required tasks.


In the meantime, suppression of authentic emotions leads to defensive thinking and prevents us from directly experiencing life.


5 vitamins


Take the bottle and take out three of them. I checked the dosage, so do not worry.


Here is some useful information.


Vitamins come mainly from the food we eat. The better we eat, the more we absorb the vitamins we need.


Vitamins are the sum of our actions, our history and our creativity.




Give me your glass ... thanks.


Liquids and especially water are essential to health.


After all, 80% of our body is water. Thoughts are our water.


Sometimes it seems that 80% of our experiences are taken up with thoughts.


Water (not just any liquid) provides the best kind of healthy body regulation.


Observed thinking and productive thinking, which promote intelligence and habit, are thus psychological water.


Avoid the sugary sweet or intoxicating fluids of obsession, fear or anxiety.


7-The act of eating


Okay, let's sit for a moment and think about everything we've consumed.


Eating healthy requires attentive chewing and enjoying this balanced diet.


Both the cook and the dinner have to be patient and open to the experience.


Healthy society and relationships maximize a balanced life.


I hope you enjoyed sharing this food. I enjoyed having you. A fast company for your life.


Sharing our gifts, such as sharing food, is crucial to helping others as well as our own growth.


When we are healthy enough, we have to keep this in mind and stop eating.




While we enjoy the food of life easily, we are reluctant to "clean up".


As a result, some spiritual exercises are difficult.

But "tidying up" requires forgiveness of others, repentance, self-sacrifice and careful consideration of emotions such as anger and frustration.


When it comes to living, you should follow a balanced diet regime.

Call it what you want, but eat a healthy diet for the rest of your days.


Eat well and be happy.