Ways To Sell Your House Fast

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Selling a house can be overwhelming for most people. It's perfectly normal – it's not something we usually do and most of us simply don't have the experience.

Selling a house can be overwhelming for most people. It's perfectly normal – it's not something we usually do and most of us simply don't have the experience. How to talk to potential buyers? How to set a price? How to handle negotiations and how to prepare the house for visits? There are many aspects that need to be handled before making the right sale and this is especially true if you want to sell the house quickly.

Let's take a look at this quick guide that will show you how you can make others buy my house for cash, quickly:

Choosing the best time to sell

Although not many people can choose when to sell their homes, it's a good idea to try to schedule the sale. There are certain periods of the year when selling a house is easier and gets you a better deal. On the other hand, other periods are more sleepy when it comes to transactions – the buyers are few and the prices are lower. Try to sell your house during the best periods, when there are more buyers, as they will drive the prices up and will create more competition – these people will buy houses quickly.


  • This is traditionally the best time to sell a house

  • The market is filled with new buyers, some of them moving in the new area and others looking for a new, bigger, better house

  • The weather is better, meaning people want a change, and you can make your home look better after the colder winter months

  • The garden and lawn will look better, as the flowers are blooming

  • families will look for new homes to coincide with the ending of the academic year


  • Summer is a mediocre period to sell your home – as school holidays can stall transactions in certain areas

  • Ideally, you should try to sell the house during the early summer, before people are going on vacations


  • Autumn is a good time to sell – the weather is good, people are home from the vacations and there are no major holidays

  • Try to make the transaction before December because Christmas can stall transactions


  • winter is not a good time to sell the house quickly – people are not usually looking for new properties during this period

    If unsure about the best period, talk to a good real estate agent. They will be happy to help and guide you, in order to make the right decision. Keep in mind that choosing the right period will mean more money for you, more people who buy houses quickly, a quicker sale and less stressful moments during the process.

    Agree on a good price

    When it comes to pricing the home, your real estate agent is your best friend. He or she will guide you on this topic, as they have the right experience and know the local market. What's more, they have connections and know potential buyers. Firstly, you'll need a valuation for your home – this is done by a real estate agent, so make sure you choose a capable one. Do your research before contacting the right agent, but be quick – you don't have the time to assess tens of agents. Usually, agents are specialized in certain areas and you can ask if they can get a quick sale.

    Finding a good agent for your sale

    This is a critical aspect of any quick sale – you need a professional by your side to help you find people who will buy houses quickly. But how can you choose a good agent? Here are a few tips to help you:

    what's their commission and fee plan? How much will you pay?

    What type of contract do they offer and what does it say?

    What price can you get for the property?

    Can you offer any assurance my property will be sold?

    Do they have experience in the area and with similar houses?

    Are they experienced in quick sales?

    How will they advertise the house for sale?

    Will they handle visits from potential buyers?

    Do they have a list of potential buyers who can offer a good price immediately?

    Are they affiliated with reputable associations?

    Make sure you get answers to these questions before you sign the contract. Ideally, you should feel a connection with the real estate agent. After all, he or she will help you get a fair deal for your own home and this is a major financial and emotional aspect for anyone.

    Preparing the house for sale

    In order to get a quick sale, you'll have to prepare the house for potential buyers. This is very important, as most sales happen in a snap decision and the way your house looks matters a lot! People will make the decision and will be willing to sign the deal if it looks well kept and clean. Here's what to do:
  • Disassociate yourself – try to see the house as a potential buyer – is it the right choice for you? What are their problems? What can you get repaired? Is it in the right location? What needs improvement? Would I buy my house for cash? - it's very important to be able to have a neutral outlook on your home; try to imagine you are the buyer and see your house objectively.

  • De-clutter – try to clean out all the garbage, idle items and make sure the interior is clean and welcoming for potential buyers; throw out any toys, food, clothing, and products from the bathroom or kitchen; make sure the home looks clean and clear of any items lying around.

  • Clean up – the house has to be spotless – try to clean the sofas, the carpets, the windows, and other surfaces; focus on the bathroom and the kitchen; dust and polish all surfaces; do a little landscaping work in the garden to make it look better.

  • DIY – try to do a little repair work around the house; fix broken items, repair or replace cracked floorboards, furniture, and other items, replace broken light bulbs, repaint chipping surfaces, paint areas that look damaged and make sure there are no dripping taps and cracked tiles. Make your house look like you would buy my house for cash.