Why You Need Custom Boxes With Logo Printed

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Manufacturers should deploy Custom Printed Boxes in their business strategies. They make a wonderful first impression, increase the awareness of your brand amongst the public, makes them come back to buy from you and have great verities to cater to the needs of everyone.

Printing was introduced centuries ago but it took quite some time to convert it into a mega-industry. At the very beginning, Mesopotamians used to produce images on clay materials. In other civilizations, cloth printing was being done.

In the ensuing centuries, people strived for making printing even better than before. First, type characters were developed from clay. They were the first moveable type but due to their fragility, they weren't very successful. Later, bronze type characters were invented, which were stronger and better. All of it was very costly and time-consuming so people were trying to make it cheaper.

making printing

Till the 15th century, people used to print things on the wood. The printing was carved on the wood. The non-printing parts were later removed. The ink was put into the printing parts and an article was made.

Gutenberg then invented the metallic type which was used to inscribe on the wood. This started a new revolution in printing. In the 16th century, smaller, more manageable parts were made. He also wrote the very first book through his technique. It was a reproduction of the Bible which is still a highly cherished legacy from his era.

In the 17th century, facsimiles were introduced which played an important role in recreating original documents and books.

In the 18th century, the foundations for color printing were laid by Jakob Christof. He used 3 metal plates and engraved them with yellow, blue and red. Also, in 1731, the first-ever magazine was printed and published called The Gentleman's Magazine.

color printing

In the 19th century, the first printing press with the iron frame was initiated. Before that, they consisted of wooden frames only. The new material was faster, stronger and it could print larger sheets than the previous ones.

In 1967, laser printers hit the market. In 1993, digital printing was established. And now, we've all kinds of different printers with the latest innovations serving us in several ways.

Nowadays, printing costs much less than it did even some decades ago. Large scale printing is being used to make books for schools, college and universities. A variety of magazines are published every single day.

Newspaper printing has also been revolutionized. People get to read fresh edition every day. Color printing has embellished it even further. The advertisement industry has also reaped huge benefits out the advancements in engraving.

Newspaper printing

The printing industry has also been highly beneficial for packaging merchandise. The dull, plain encasing has been replaced by colourful and eye-catching enclosing. Custom Printed Boxes are now being produced at a gigantic scale for businesses.

With all of these advancements, producers must focus on boxes with their logos printed on them. Here's why:

1- It Makes Customers Remember the Product:

Imagine a consumer receiving a product in a plain box. They'll take it, open the bag, and take the product out of it. They won't remember the branding because there was none in the first place. Now imagine that the product came in a beautifully printed box with the logo of your company printed on it. It will make the buyer retain your product in their memory. They'll usually memorize a lot of detail about it. Hence, it'll multiply the possibilities of them being your commodity again making them your regular purchasers.

Makes Customers

2- A Great Outreach Strategy:

It isn't your clients only that get to see your Custom Printed Packaging. When a product is shipped, everyone around has the chance to see what you depict through your logo and printing. More people seeing it means more exposure, and ultimately, an expanded consumer market for what you make. It makes them aware of your market presence. Once you've made them wary of your existence, they'll surely want to give you a try whenever they're making their next purchase. While trying to buy online, they're surely going to check out your product, even if for once only. This surely means great prospects for the growth of your business.

Outreach Strategy

3 - It Makes a Wonderful First Impact:

When someone receives the thing they've ordered, they witness the enclosing first of all. If the encasing is of poor quality, without a brand logo and designed in a mediocre way, the buyer loses interest. On the other hand, if the design is beautiful, the material used is sturdy and the logo is stylish, it creates a lasting impression on the recipient. Once that image is created, it's hard for the buyer to go elsewhere and try new items because of the trust they've already placed in you.

Beautifully designed and printed

4- The Variety:

Printing your boxes is highly customizable now. Customization is highly valued by purchasers. Different people have different tastes. You could add your Brand's social media handles and other details on Custom Cardboard Boxes. You can complement the product inside with a similar packaging on the outside. For instance, for candies, you could use a colourful encasing. For cosmetics, you could use boxing that shows great facial features representing the product inside. For beverages, you could use content that is highly attractive and presents the beverage in its best form.

The rivalry in the market is cutthroat. If your brand wants to thrive in such an environment, you need to utilize custom boxes with your logo printed on them.