Occasions For Cookie Cutters And Ways To Use Them

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Any day is a good day to break out your collection of cookie cutters. While many a baker only brings them out of the cupboard for holiday occasions, there are plenty of days when using cookie cutters makes sense.

Any day is a good day to break out your collection of cookie cutters. While many a baker only brings them out of the cupboard for holiday occasions, there are plenty of days when using cookie cutters makes sense. Read below for a little inspiration, and then browse the Internet for a wide variety of competitively priced products.

The ever-famous cookie stamps in Australia can be used in many ways: : 

- Birthdays: In this case, we mean your son's, daughter's, daughter's teacher, etc. Thanks to the wide availability of ready-made cookie dough, it takes mere minutes to whip up a plate full of cookies personalized to a person's interests. This makes for an inexpensive, tasty present that shows you pay attention to that person's pursuits. Consider a plate of superheroes for the young cape-wearing boy, or a tin full of apples for the prim and proper teacher. Even place whipped cream frosting or ice cream in-between two cookies to create homemade sandwiches. The opportunities are nearly endless, and all it takes is having a full selection of custom cookie stamps at the ready and a tube of dough. 

- Anniversaries: Purchase alphabet cutters and let your honey know how much you appreciate him or her, or fill a plate with roses, puckered lips, and angels. With or without frosting, this sweet gesture will delight every guest on arrival. 

- Sports games: Be the mother who brings more than oranges to the game. With your cookie cutters in the shape of soccer balls, goals, jerseys and number ones, you will have the kids begging for your appointment as permanent team mom. 

- Everyday dessert: Proud of your kids? Show that you pay attention to their accomplishments by creating cookie-themed celebrations that celebrate the everyday. Pick a favorite cartoon character and make your son laugh, or whip up a batch of footballs for your husband to enjoy while he watches Monday night football. 

- Holidays: Reach further than Christmas or Hanukkah. Observe President's Day by serving American Flag cookies or commemorate your Irish heritage with tiny leprechaun hats and pots of gold. For further inspiration, type 'obscure holidays' into a search engine and discover a variety of different teachable moments that you can highlight with a tray of cookies. Celebrating Farm Awareness week with various cutouts of horses, cows, and pigs or commemorating D-Day with peace signs are both creative ways to observe. 

Several creative ways in which these cutters can be used. Naturally, all of these ideas involve no cookie making: 

Kids Crafts

Children can have tremendous fun with cookie cutters. Use the shapes to show your kid how to make something wonderful. Cookie cutters can shape play dough. A combination of shapes can turn into a more complex project. Children will learn all about shapes and how these can form patterns. Going to the beach? Take the cookie cutters you no longer use with you. Kids can make sand forms and have hours of fun. The cutters will help them decorate sandcastles or just make fun shapes. 

Cutting Sandwiches and Other Foods

Who said that cookie cutters can be used solely in the preparation of cookies? Various other types of food can come in fun shapes. When it comes to unusual ways to use these cutters, you will be limited by your imagination solely. Think about shapes and crafts. These forms can be utilized to cut nearly anything. Have fun and experiment. You will certainly discover other unusual and very attractive ways to have fun with those cutters. 

Make Candles

They can also be utilized as candle molds. These candles will be very creative, fun and charming. Choose between regular wax and gel wax. A gel wax candle needs a container since the substance is relatively soft and incapable of standing on its own. Regular wax candles can be taken out of the stencil and used as decorative items or even gifts.

Such candles can also be turned into party favors that guests will enjoy. You will have to pick a shape that corresponds to the party theme. When making candles, use something to close one side of the cookie cutter. Aluminum foil will help you accomplish just that. 

Party Favours

Cookie cutters can also be given away as party favors at bridal showers, weddings, and baby showers. Just wrap them up in a nice cellophane bag and attach a personalized label or thank you note. You can even get cookie cutter shapes that match the theme of the event.

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