Healthcare Industry - Begging for Machine Learning

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Application of ML in healthcare can prove to be very beneficial for the doctors as well as the patients. It can revolutionize healthcare completely due to the following benefits it can provide:

Human knowledge tends to be boundless. A human being with his knowledge and ability can create certain machines and technologies which can improve the way a task is performed. Inventing a new technology or machine requires years of hit and trial methods. Moreover, even after the invention of technology, it requires continuous up gradations and maintenance. This turns out to be a never ending process. 


Therefore, in order to eradicate this obstacle, human beings have created machines with artificial intelligence (AI) software which have the ability to learn new things on their own. This ability is known as Machine Learning (ML).


Technology is not restricted to any field or geographical area. There are many areas where human interference has some limitations. The activities are such that is not easy for any individual to carry out and hence the need for such machines is much imperative for various businesses. 

Due to such requirements, only the innovators have come up with the use of robots which are intelligent machines to have the process as per the requirement. The machines which were used till date were simple machines which are ultimately powered by the operators, but in the modern era, this is not the case.

The main idea behind this concept was to eradicate the need for humans to further upgrade the knowledge and functioning of machines. It should automatically learn from its previous tasks, analyze them and further improve its functioning on future tasks. This concept can be applied to various fields especially healthcare.

Application of ML in healthcare can prove to be very beneficial for the doctors as well as the patients. It can revolutionize healthcare completely due to the following benefits it can provide:

  1. Quick detection of disease:

A doctor may not be able to diagnose the kind of disease ailing the human body. A number of tests and treatments have to be performed in order to identify the disease. But even after such tests, correct type of disease may not be identified. Moreover, in case of cancer, quick detection is important. Use of AI based software which can identify the disease quickly based upon various factors like his/her medical history, glucose and blood pressure levels and genetics disorders etc become essential.

  1. Identifying the type of treatment: 

Machine learning through AI based software may be able to identify the right combination of drugs/treatments which may cure the disease. The software can identify the reason of disease and the organs being affected and automatically create a treatment plan based upon previous data analysis.

  1. Creation of health records and their up gradations:

It is necessary to maintain correct health records of a new patient and older patients who have been cured. Moreover, these records need to be updated timely. This is a tedious process using conventional methods. Through machine learning, this problem can be solved by creating an online database which automatically enters new entries and timely updates them over the cloud without any intervention from a human being. This data can further be used for analysis and better identification of diseases in the future.

  1. Improvement in accuracy of treatment:

Machine learning through its software can be taught to learn from previous cases, identify the ailing organ/tissue and provide correct information about the areas affected. This in turn improves the whole process of treatment of a disease. 

  1. Prediction: 

Machine learning can even help in predicting the future diseases which may harm a human body based on past health records of that particular patient and data from all around the world. The data collected worldwide can be combined to predict a future outbreak of any disease. Correct predictions can help in creating counter measures for the same. 

Healthcare is in dire need for machine learning algorithms in order to help the patients. Machine learning services in healthcare can truly make the world disease free. However, the process should be gradual to ensure safety.