The healthcare sector struggles with analytics because of the huge pile of staged data being loaded every day into the system. Each day numerous medical records are being recorded, data obtained from the prevailing clinical trials, research information, and other all sensitive information related to the patients are stored and managed.

To add on, the data from fitness wearables, implantation devices, health applications, and automatic sensors are adding up to the ever-growing information load. SAP Hana is a well-established and efficient database platform that provides useful tools and features to manage these massive data and derive clinically significant analytics.

Healthcare Business Suite by SAP HANA

The ERP (enterprise resource planning) suite is developed by SAP Hana for the healthcare sector for providing a quick feature of real-time handling business. The four major features customized for healthcare are – streamlining business operations, in-memory storage, and processing of data, advanced analytics and reporting, and cost-effective management of healthcare processes.

One platform of a database collaborates as Business Suite of SAP HANA for the business integration in the healthcare sector. The healthcare providers have access to the following features:

  • Business Suite provides customized tools for the management of healthcare, a collaboration between different healthcare facilities, and adherence to compliance authorities.
  • SAP Hana assists in genomic as well as clinical analytics supporting the research of precision medicine, telemedicine, and translational medical facilities.
  • The database platform helps in well-planned analytics for all the information gathered from the entire enterprise, along with risk management procedures for readmission, and capacity planning for the critical processes related to medication adherence.

Opportunities for SAP HANA in Healthcare

SAP Hana is a powerful database platform that helps in transforming businesses. In the healthcare sector, it drives the entire focus to become a patient-focussed enterprise. It aligns all the processes and verticals with patient needs.

The main aim of implementing SAP Hana into the healthcare system is to drive results through patient collaboration and care, innovation in clinical delivery princesses, and securing optimum operation facilities. There are many innovative opportunities SAP HANA exerts on healthcare facilities:

  • SAP Hana efficiently manages all the patient records and medical details, providing a safe and secure platform for data collaboration to drive patient care and satisfaction.
  • All the healthcare information is represented in a contextual manner so that physicians can conduct real-time analysis of the medical history of patients for suggesting appropriate treatment procedures.
  • SAP Hana is streamlined with various sources to consolidate all the related healthcare data for patients and transform all the pieces of information into analytical forms for rationalized decision making.
  • It is helpful in managing the operations of a healthcare facility by actively collaborating reports and data and then driving financial transactions more safely and accurately.
  • It creates value by identifying threats and opportunities of a particular facility and is helpful for suggesting strategies to combat the same with its methodical reporting.

Healthcare Management with SAP HANA

SAP Hana provides innovation in database management and provides essential tools and features for real-time data analytics and reporting. It facilitates the record-keeping process and helps the physicians to manage their productive hours in treating patients rather than wasting time in record management.

  • Improvement of patient outcomes is achieved by SAP HANA as it facilitates the healthcare providers to make better decisions and at the same time, manage costs efficiently with the analysis and business operations in a healthcare facility.
  • Physicians can access patient records and medical history of patients at any point in time. This helps in dealing with all the concerned parties during an emergency. The medical facilities are improved by incorporating the real-time data analysis features of SAP Hana.
  • This database management platform is cost-efficient in collaborating data from all the third party database sources, helps to save time and efforts in conducting data research, and helps the organization to recognize the threats and assets of the healthcare operations.


SAP Hana has the ability to the storage, process, and retrieve a large amount of data being integrated from other database platforms and helps the healthcare facilities to save time and money, and invest the same for patient compliance, patient care, treatment facilities, and customer experience management


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