Tonor USB Microphone works on the concept of driver-free system. It depends on plug and play design where USB Cable plays a major role to connect with any platforms. A high-quality cardioid microphone capsule is equipped in the system so as to provide reliable and accurate pickup. If we talk about the microphone package, you will get a tripod desk stand that features a 3-legged base that retracts and folds up easily.There is no rocket science behind handling Tonor USB Microphone, just unfold the three-legged stand directly and adjust the position of the pop filter. Plug it easily and play directly without any assembly.Make a purchase and go for Tonor USB Microphone which comes with package of Microphone with power cord, Tripod desk stand,Mini Shock Mount,Pop Filter, Service Card and manual. The best advantage of using Tonor USB Microphone is that you need not to go for any other device for any need. Just enjoy streaming, voice-over, vocal recording, gaming, voice recognition, YouTube video, Skype and much more with just a single microphone kit.

Tonor USB Microphoneand its components:

As discussed above, Tonor USB Mic kit is a complete package of various equipment. Simply make a purchase of the device and find the below items:

  • The microphone
  • The tripod desk stand
  • The shock mount
  • Built-in pop filter
  • A foam cover
  • A service card
  • A manual

Take a glance of Tonor USB Microphone with its major specifications:

Serving a wide variety of purposes, let’s have a glance on its various advantages:

  1. Complete Microphone Set: Accessories of the set contains: a condenser microphone, table mounting clamp, metal shock mount, pop filter, adjustable suspension scissor arm stand, foam windscreen, USB cable and manual.
  • Plug and Play: Tonor USB microphone needs no extra driver software or sound card for connection rather you can easily connect it on both Mac and Windows computer using a single USB. Just plug the device and make a compatibility with all platforms like Windows, MAC, Chrome and Linux. With USB Mic, you can recreate the moments for podcasting, live streaming, music/video recording, gaming, online chatting and much more.
  • Comfortable with all operating systems:Needless to say, USB microphone is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS computers as it is easily used with a single USB data port.Just plug and play without any extra driver software or an external sound card.
  • Cardioid Pickup Pattern: The microphone has a cardioid pickup pattern to capture clear and smooth sound and suppress unwanted background noise.
  • User-friendly Design:Tonor microphone comes with a convenient volume button to make adjustments for mic volume and turning off.
  • Excellent Sound Quality:It consists a large diaphragm and sound chipset,helping sound quality much clear and exquisite. With Tonor USB Mic, you will be assured of perfect combination of extended dynamic range with clarity. Accurate sound and surrounding noise cancellation are the prime features of the device.Do not wait anymore, make a choice for communicating, recording, podcasting and video making.
  • Durable Boom Stand:No doubt, the set has a very premium component, a boom stand that is of high-quality metal, sturdy, durable and have strong capability and stability. The professional shock mount is durable and attached to a boom stand to remove unwanted low frequency rumble.

Major designing features of focussed USB Microphone:

The major reward of Mic package is that it is simple and lightweight as it is comprised with a plastic body and a metal grille. You will also have stand legs and the pop filter which are made of metal, so it has strength where it needs it. Tonor USB Microphone is the best choice for all generations to explore their talent to others. Its unique features make it different,ideal, unique, extraordinary, attractive and professional among other microphones.

Have a fun with the best microphone you have ever experienced

Tonor USB Microphone is fully compact and ideal and make much comfortable for desktop use. UseUSB mic in the outdoor area to eliminate wind noise or any background clashes. Unbox the package, position it anywhere on your deskwith a single USB and get a clear and amazing experience within minutes. Once you go with its features, you will be definitely mesmerised with its extensive uses. Get benefitted with Tonor USB Microphone as it have excellent sound quality, durable build quality, low distortions, good frequency response,adjustable stand of thick base and reduces windy sounds from air moving over mic. Forget about installing any external driver or buying any power supply peripherals; just believe in latest and professional anti-noise technology where you can adjust the volume accordingly and have the best part of fun. No more hassle now, assemble the kit and use it indoor or outdoor and wherever you want.


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