Technology has completely revolutionized our lives. And every day we hear about new and path-breaking technological products that are launched in the market.

With technology evolving at such a fantastic speed, it’s difficult to keep track of the new changes.

If you are working in a technology-related industry or are amateur geeks looking for the most credible voice informing about the latest tech related news, then reputed tech websites and blogs are the best options.

Here you can learn about the latest development in the technological field. However, with a plethora of websites and blogs available online, it becomes difficult to decide which one you can trust.

To help you stay informed, we have compiled a list of the most trusted websites that you can follow in 2020. So let’s get started!

10 great websites to get accurate information about news & technology or the latest breakthrough.


TechCrunch is one of the top technology websites. In this website, you will find a variety of blogs that will inform you about the latest web development trends, news related to apps, gadgets, any tech-related events and more.

TechCrunch has also launched a mobile app that provides you with a more personalized experience by bringing the latest tech news at your fingertips,

If you are interested in the latest news and happenings in both the technology as well as the entertainment world, then Engadget is the place to visit to know more.

This website has been operating since 2004 and has a huge collection of blogs and articles that has helped people over the years by reviewing different gadgets and spelling out their pros and cons.

This website is for those who want help for their tech buying decisions.

Webdesigner Depot

The Webdesigner depot website was founded in 2008 and since its inception, it has focused its attention on the latest web development trends and web designs.

If you are interested to know about designing websites, improving user experience, simplifying navigation, and more, then this website is the best place to visit for the latest information.

In addition to the latest news regarding web development, it also offers several freebies that include free font packs, icons, templates et cetera.

This tech-related website has been in operation for over two decades.

The longevity of this website shows the immense reputation it commands in disseminating credible information related to hardware, software, gaming, and others.

Here you will find highly informative editorials that go into security, legal impact, and business related to the technological field in detail.

This website has remained a paid subscription-based tech-related information hub since 2001.

Smashing Magazine

If you want to know in detail about web development and design, then Smashing Magazine offers you a wide range of blogs and articles penned by experts in their fields.

This website is dedicated to web developers who want to stay ahead of the curve by knowing the latest news and development in their field.

It includes articles written by experts on HTML, CSS, web design, typography, frameworks and many more.

As a web professional, you can buy a smashing membership card, which will allow you to access a huge collection of e-books relating to web development.

The popularity and reputation of this website can be gauged from the fact that it has more than 6.5 million monthly visitors.

What makes this site so popular amongst technological enthusiasts and experts is that it is on a constant lookout for the latest gadgets.

Here you will find information regarding updates for apps and articles related to various web-related services.

If you want to buy a new gadget, then you should visit the website to learn whether something better is coming in the market shortly.

Furthermore, this website can give you a complete lowdown on various features of different gadgets that are available in the market.


Anyone who wants to know more about the latest products and innovations should visit Mashable. Here you will find news related to entertainment, science, and technology.

This huge multimedia platform with millions of users offers in-depth reviews, editorials, and news snippets that would allow you to stay abreast of new happening in the technology front.


This blog is a great place to know more about SEO strategies, the latest web development trends, and various web designs.

Here you will find innumerable tutorials that are related to web design. The main target audience of this blog are those professionals who want to update their skills.

All the writers of this blog are professional website designers.

Therefore, whether you are a newbie web developer learning everything from scratch or a professional web designer looking to upgrade your skills, you will get expert-level help from this blog site.

David Walsh

If you are interested in knowing more about front-end and back-end web development news and technologies, then David Walsh offers you a multitude of well-researched articles in these fields.


At CNET you can browse through a host of articles on varied subjects including technology and science.

In this website, you will find the latest technological advancements. In addition to blogs related to science, you will also find informative videos, the technical trend analysis, and guides.


These are some of the most important tech websites to follow in 2020 to keep abreast of what is happening in the technology sphere.

The above-mentioned websites have enough resources on a multitude of tech topics to suffice your desire to know about the latest happening in the tech world and stay at the top of your game.


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